Setting Up Your Housing

This collection of videos walks you through installing your camera in the related underwater housing and making any necessary settings changes.


Adding Accessories to Your Housing

These items will make your underwater photography experience more enjoyable and allow you to customize your experience.

Adding a USB-C Charging & Data Transfer Bulkhead

Set it and forget it! Charge and offload data without removing your camera from the housing.

Adding a GoPro To Your Housing

Don't leave your GoPro behind just because you upgraded your camera rig. Catch some extra video on the fly by using one of our GoPro mounts.

Installing a Trigger Extension

If you're using a tray with dual handles, you'll want to extend your shutter and back button focus levers to be easily reached with your hand on the handle.

Adding a Trim Weight System for Balance and Stability

Our 8" Diameter Dome is made out of the lightest materials available to reduce travel weight. Use a Trim Weight to balance it out.

Installing a Magnifying Viewfinder

Get a bigger, brighter view of your camera's optical or electronic viewfinder.

Installing a Vacuum Leak Detection System

A vacuum system allows you to check your housing for leaks BEFORE you get in the water.

Adding M24 port for HDMI 2.0 to Ikelite Underwater Housing

Adding an M24 Port for HDMI 2.0 Monitor Bulkheads

Select housings support the addition of this large-bore port for Nauticam HDMI 2.0 accessories.

Ikelite DS230 DS232 Underwater Strobes


Adding Strobes to Your System

Lighting is an important element to your underwater photography. Find out everything you need to know about adding strobes to your system.

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Ikelite Underwater Housing fresh water rinse in Grand Cayman at Sunset Divers


Maintaining Your System

Your Ikelite products are designed to operate in the harshest conditions on Earth. Keep up with a good maintenance regime for many years of trouble-free operation.

Need Service?

DL Housings DO's and DON'Ts

Avoid these these rookie mistakes when setting up your 50DL or 200DL underwater housing.

Using a Vacuum Leak Detection System

Why wait until you get in the water to look for a leak? Use a vacuum system to check your housing.

Adjusting Control Length on an Ikelite Underwater Housing

Adjusting the Length of a Housing Control

Small variations in cameras and lenses can create minor fit differences when installed in a housing. Micro-adjust your controls for the perfect fit.

Lubricating an ULTRAcompact Housing O-Ring

Have a TG-series camera or other compact digital still? If your housing has a hinged back door, this is the video for you.

Polishing an Ikelite Acrylic Dome Port with NOVUS

Removing Scratches from a Dome Port

With a careful hand you can use NOVUS polish to remove light scratches from your acrylic dome.

Ikelite waterproof electrical sync cord plug for underwater strobe triggering

Maintaining Sync Cord Plug O-Rings

Electrical sync cords can provide more reliable strobe triggering than fiber optic when maintained properly.

Replacing Control Gland Seals

Most users return their housing for annual service. If you need an emergency field fix, here's how to do it.

Replacing push button o-rings on an Ikelite housing

Replacing Push Button O-Rings

If your push buttons are getting sticky, it's best to send the housing to us. Or DIY-types can use or push button o-ring kit.

David Fleetham Ikelite Underwater housing in a pool with DS161 strobes

David Fleetham's DL Housing Assembly Tips

The most published underwater photographer of all time shows you how he keeps his housing in tip top shape.