DS51 Battery Compartment // the 3 THINGS You Need to Know [VIDEO]

DS51 Battery Compartment // the 3 THINGS You Need to Know [VIDEO]

By Steve Johnson

The DS51 has been a longtime favorite of underwater photographers for being one of the smallest and lightest strobes in its class. It’s compatible with both point-and-shoot and professional level systems.

Whether you’re using the DS51 or one of our legacy DS50 or AF35 strobes, maintaining the battery compartment seal is simple and reliable when you follow 3 key steps. Watch the video, or scroll down to learn more.


1 | Don’t Remove the O-Ring

The o-ring is press-fit into this rectangular groove in the battery door. No dirt or debris will get into the groove while the o-ring is in place. Removing the o-ring and putting it back in runs the risk of twisting, stretching, or contaminating the o-ring. And it's not necessary! So just leave it there!


2 | Don’t Lubricate the O-Ring

The battery door is a static compression seal. This type of seal is not improved by lubricant. Adding lubricant increases the stickiness of the o-ring and will attract dust, fibers, and debris to the seal. This particular o-ring will stay cleaner and be more reliable without the lubricant.


3 | Don’t Over-Tighten the Door

The battery door only needs to be tightened until the o-ring forms a solid black line. Over-tightening can actually break the seal of the thumbscrew or even damage the battery door or strobe body. Always use your fingertips to tighten the thumbscrew and stop when you see that solid line.


That’s it!

Follow these tips and you’ll enjoy decades of reliable use. If you have any questions please reach out to us via ikelite@ikelite.com.


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Steve Johnson has been a team member with Ikelite for 28 years. In that time he's worked within almost every aspect of the company but has mainly focused on the service department. Outside of work you can catch Steve scuba diving, snorkeling, spending time with family and his chocolate lab rescue Maplesugar.  



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