Ikelite Underwater Housing and Strobes for Mirrorless Digital Camera

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Underwater Photography 101

Ready to dive into underwater imaging? This is your place to start with the top articles on everything you need to know about underwater photography from exposure settings to becoming a professional. Learn about techniques, lens selection, editing, essential lighting and accessories, shooting video, and more.

Underwater Photography 101

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Exposure Settings



Shooting Split Shots (half-in, half-out of the water)

Editing Photos


Strobe Techniques



Pool Photography

Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Becoming a Professional & Entering Competitions



Exposure Settings

Underwater Exposure Explained | Aperture Settings [VIDEO]

Underwater Exposure Explained | Shutter Speed Settings [VIDEO]

Underwater Exposure Explained | ISO Settings [VIDEO]

When to Change Aperture Undewater

When to Change Shutter Speed Underwater

When to Change ISO Underwater

Manual White Balance for Underwater Still Photography

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The BEST Piece of Advice as a Beginner Underwater Photographer [VIDEO]

Building Confidence as a Beginner Underwater Photographer

An Insider's Guide to Liveaboard Diving

Why You Aren't Shooting Great Landscapes Underwater

What I Wish I Knew When I Started in Underwater Photography [VIDEO]

The Importance of Hitting the Water with a Shot in Mind [VIDEO]

An Insider's Guide to Blackwater Photography

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The Right Lens for Every Situation Underwater

Why You Need a Fisheye Lens Underwater

When to Use a Compact 8" Dome Port Underwater

Why Your Lens May Need a +4 Diopter Underwater

The Best Canon RF-Mount Lenses for DLM Underwater Housings

Canon R5 Underwater A-Z // Best Canon RF Lenses for Underwater [VIDEO]

When to Use a Wide Angle Dome WD-3 or WD-4 for compact housings

When to Use a DC Series Dome Port for compact housings


Shooting Split Shots (half-in, half-out of the water)

Tips for Shooting Split Shots with Your Underwater Housing [VIDEO]

Dealing with Droplets when Shooting Split Shots

How to Shoot Split Shots (Half-In, Half-Out of the Water)

Over-Under (Split Shots) Underwater Camera Settings

Split Shot Editing // Balancing Exposure Underwater and Above in the Lightroom [VIDEO]


Editing Photos

Underwater Photo Editing: Trash to Treasure Using Lightroom [VIDEO]

How to Use the Exciting New Adobe® Photoshop Tools with Kristina Sherk

First Results // Topaz Photo AI Enhancement of Underwater Images



5 Situations Where You Need a Strobe Underwater [VIDEO]

Why You Need Strobes Underwater

Shooting Underwater with a Single Strobe Flash

Manual Camera Exposure VS Manual Strobe Exposure for Underwater Photography [VIDEO]

The Myth of TTL Strobe Exposure Underwater

The Secret to Underwater Photography with Olympus and Panasonic Cameras [VIDEO]


Strobe Techniques

Unlock Flash Exposure Compensation for Greater Creative Control

The Art of Motion Blur in Underwater Photography

BURST shooting // Using Drive Mode to your advantage underwater [VIDEO]

Off-Camera Remote Underwater Lighting with DS230 Strobes

Adapting Your Lighting Strategy Across Multiple Locations on the Trip-of-a-Lifetime

Light Painting Underwater Tips and Technique



Never Take Your Camera Out of the Housing! // USB-C Charging & Data Transfer Bulkhead [VIDEO]

My Must Have Underwater Housing Accessory // Cable Top Handle Grip [VIDEO]

Straight vs 45 Degree Magnified Viewfinder for Underwater Shooting

Installing a Magnifying Viewfinder [VIDEO]

Assemble Your Housing Like a Pro [VIDEO]

Adding a GoPro to Your Ikelite Underwater Housing [VIDEO]

How to Install a Trigger Extension on Your Ikelite Underwater Housing [VIDEO]

Using a Trim Weight System for Balance and Stability Underwater



Quick & Dirty Tips for Shooting Underwater Video

Choosing the Right SD Card for Photos and Video [VIDEO]

Setting the Right Frame Rate and Shutter Speed for Your Underwater Footage [VIDEO]

Custom White Balance for Underwater  [VIDEO]

Should You Be Shooting LOG Video Underwater?

Color Grading S-Log 3 Sea Lion Footage in Adobe Premiere [VIDEO]


Pool Photography

5 Tips to Improve Your Underwater Portrait Pool Photography

I Tried an Underwater Pool Photoshoot for the First Time [VIDEO]

Underwater Pool Photoshoot: What We Did WRONG and What We Did RIGHT

How Underwater Maternity is Different From Topside


Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Checking for Housing Leaks Using a Vacuum Pump and Valve

DO'S and DON'Ts of 200DL and 50DL Underwater Housing Set-up [VIDEO]

How to Lubricate Your ULTRAcompact Housing O-Ring [VIDEO]

How to Polish an Acrylic Dome Port [VIDEO]

Replacing Gland O-Rings on an Ikelite Underwater Housing [VIDEO]

Replacing Push Button O-Rings on an Ikelite Underwater Housing [VIDEO]

TTL Testing and Troubleshooting 

Wiring Diagrams + Test Firing Strobes

Stop Doing This to Your Strobe Battery Pack! [VIDEO]

How to Care For Your Sync Cord Plug [VIDEO]

DS51 Battery Compartment // The 3 Things You Need to Know [VIDEO]

Bent Reflector Replacement for DS160, DS161, DS125 Strobes [VIDEO]

Cleaning a DS160 DS161 Battery Pack Toggle Lock [VIDEO]

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Becoming a Professional & Entering Competitions

Instagram Tips for Underwater Photographers [VIDEO]

Tips on Entering a Photo Contest

Entering a Photo Contest with a Winner's Mindset

Photo Contest Tips From a 100x Winner

Getting into the Underwater Photography Business with Karen Bagley

Jenna Martin's TEDx on Becoming an Underwater Portrait Photographer [VIDEO]