Underwater Photo Editing: Trash to Treasure Using Lightroom [VIDEO]

Underwater Photo Editing: Trash to Treasure Using Lightroom [VIDEO]

We've all done it: Snapped a shot (or maybe a few) when we were too far away from anything interesting and had no clear subject. Sometimes we're just trying to capture the magic of the underwater world and instead we're left in front of our computer screen wondering what exactly was so magical in that moment. 

Go behind the scenes with Ambassador Steve Miller and learn how to use Adobe® Lightroom to change your low contrast, natural light images into exciting high contrast fine art prints.

Steve isn't afraid to break all of the rules to make a punchy black and white high contrast print from shades of blue.  Follow him step-by-step and make your prints pop too.



Steve Miller Ikelite AmbassadorAmbassador Steve Miller has been a passionate teacher of underwater photography since 1980. In addition to creating aspirational photos as an ambassador, he leads the Ikelite Photo School, conducts equipment testing, contributes content and photography, represents us at dive shows and events, provides one-on-one photo advice to customers, and participates in product research and development. Steve also works as a Guest Experience Manager for the Wakatobi Dive Resort in Indonesia. In his "free" time he busies himself tweaking his very own Backyard Underwater Photo Studio which he's built for testing equipment and techniques. Read more...


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