Steve Miller

Steve Miller

Steve Miller wears a lot of hats for Ikelite. In addition to creating aspirational photos as an ambassador, leads the Ikelite Photo School, conducts equipment testing, contributes content and photography, represents us at US dive shows, provides one-on-one photo advice to customers via email, and probably a few other things!

Steve’s passion for teaching is undeniable. Steve has been teaching underwater photography since 1980, and he relishes watching former students receive significant accolades for their work. He co-founded the Ikelite Photo School and continues to develop it as a labor of love. Steve's enthusiasm for new techniques combined with his laid-back personality leaves us spellbound... and Photo School graduates seem to leave the same way.

The Ikelite Photo School creates a unique space where Ikelite dealers and their customers can come together to practice their art under one-on-one, professional guidance. Photo School sessions generally take place at Steve’s favorite dive spot—the Wakatobi Dive Resort in Indonesia. Full Disclosure: Steve also works as a Guest Experience Manager, so he wants you to get great photos AND have a great time. While underwater, Steve hones his craft while helping others unleash their creativity and personal photographic style, all in an open and friendly environment.

When he’s not helping photographers learn how to best utilize their Ikelite system, he busies himself tweaking his very own Backyard Underwater Photo Studio which he’s built for testing equipment and techniques. Images from this unique "studio" have received recent media attention.

Steve regularly lectures to groups at trade and consumer shows. He also assisted the Good Morning America film crew during their live satellite feed from the shipwreck Queen Anne's Revenge.

Ikelite Ambassador Steve Miller Turtle Wakatobi

Awards + Achievements

  • Winner - 2012 Scubafest Regional Photo contest Grand Prize, 1st and 3rd Places in Freshwater category
  • Winner - 2012 Scubafest Regional Photo contest 1st Place in Macro category
  • Winner - 2012 Scubafest Regional Photo contest 2nd and 3rd Places in Wide Angle category
  • 2013 Sharks in Focus Exhibition UK; High commendations in the Human Encounters category
  • 2014 Contest 13 images currently shortlisted in 9 categories
  • 2016 Contest Grand Master
  • Photographer of the Week

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