We have evaluated most popular lenses, provided they are well suited for use underwater.  Our port recommendations are available in the following lens port charts. Please check the webpage for your housing to determine which mount your housing features.

 Ikelite Port Systems


Click on one of the links below to download the port chart PDF:


DL (Dry Lock) Port System

DL Port System  Revised Apr 3, 2019

DL Port System for Canon RF Mount Revised Mar 11, 2019

DL Port System for Nikon Z Mount Revised May 14, 2019

DL Port System for Panasonic GH5  Revised Sep 10, 2018

DL Port System for Fujiflm X Mount  Revised May 21, 2019

DL Port System for Sony Alpha Series Cameras  Revised April 20, 2019


DLM (Dry Lock Micro) Port System

DLM/A Port System  Revised Jan 10, 2019

DLM/B Port System  Revised Sep 16, 2018

DLM/C Port System  Revised Sep 29, 2018


FL (Four Lock) Port System

FL Port System  Revised Apr 3, 2019

FL Port System for Olympus, Panasonic, and Sony DSLR  Revised Aug 5, 2017

FL Port System for Panasonic GH3/GH4  Revised Nov 13, 2017

FL Port System for Sony A7-Series  Revised Jun 1, 2018

FL Port System Standard Fixed Length Ports (Obsolete)

45º Magnified Viewfinder

Viewfinder Compatibility Chart  Revised Oct 22, 2018


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