Top Sellers

Our top sellers list is not just the most popular but the ones that we think are the best cameras to shoot underwater right now. Have questions? Need help deciding? Reach out to us!

Tried and True

Our Favorite Systems Underwater

We buy and shoot just about every camera on the market. These are the ones we choose when performance counts.

Best Mirrorless

Canon EOS R10

Outstanding mirrorless image and video quality in a compact form. Camera starting at $979 USD.

Best Value

Canon Rebel SL3

Fast and sharp imaging with over 1080 shots per charge and a compact form. Camera starting at $749 USD.

Most Compact

Olympus Tough TG-6

Awesome macro and wide angle and under one pound wet. Camera starting at $549 USD.

Best Image Quality

Canon EOS R5

A massive 45MP sensor for times when only the best will do. Camera starting at $3699 USD.