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It's not too late to catch up... underwater photography never gets old.

9 Dec 2022

This week take your images to the next level with Ikelite Ambassador Kristina Sherk as she shows you how to utilize the top 5 new time-saving features in Lightroom, we share our 2022 holiday gift guide so you can be your dive buddy's favorite gift giver, Gary Williams took his Canon 5D Mark IV underwater to go swimming with whales, and our secret weapon for underwater photography with Olympus and Panasonic cameras. 

2 Dec 2022

This week Fritz Liechti experimented with his camera underwater in Canada during the sockeye salmon run and shares what it's taught him about honing his craft (and yours too), Ikelite VP John Brigham provides a step-by-step guide to installing the ever popular Sony 16-35mm F4 Zoom Gear, whether you love macro or wide angle flathead crocodilefish are a great subject and we've got a Cheat Sheet about them for you, Aaron Speare goes cave diving in Oahu, and the ultimate video explaining why you need strobes underwater.

18 Nov 2022

This week: we do a deep dive on all the lessons we learned during our first underwater pool photoshoot with expert tips from Ikelite Ambassadors, a rundown of the best new products to come out in Fall of 2022 with a sneak peek at our Ikelite headquarters, Sony a1 photo gallery full review and results, Ikelite customer Marjorie Cohen took a trip to Moorea to photograph humpback whales, plus Steve Miller and Nirupam Nigam sit down post-dive to discuss their reactions to shooting with the OM System OM-1 camera underwater.

4 Nov 2022

This week: Why strobes are so important- yes, even on a sunny day, environmental documentarians Anna and Florentin Züst-Schlatter share their latest short film and photos, make your life easier with 3 custom settings for the Canon R5, introducing our newest ambassador Bruce Hall - a legally blind photographer and disability advocate, plus TTL explained in 60 seconds.

21 Oct 2022

This week we do a deep dive on the anemonefish circus: the where, how, and why of photographing anemone and their clownfish plus the science of their symbiosis, why we love the RC1 for Olympus and Panasonic cameras, Featured Customer Nick Grippo shares his passion for underwater photography, an updated list of Photo Contests to enter today, plus the short and sweet on sunlight vs. strobes.

14 Oct 2022

This week Ikelite Ambassador Josh Blank heads underwater in Australia to photograph sea turtles and reviews the DS230 strobes, why we love the Olympus TG-6 for a family-friendly beach vacation, Featured Customer Austin Leathers shares photos from his project "Man in the Sea" documenting underwater workers, and Ikelite Photo Guru Steve Miller's favorite dive spot.

2022 Oct 7

This week Ikelite photo guru Steve Miller discusses HDR Photography and its potential applications underwater, we do a deep dive on all the technical specs of the OM System OM-1 camera, the Ikelite crew is hopping aboard the Aqua Cat and you're invited, the essential underwater housing accessory and why we love it, and an FYI night diving.

30 Sep 2022

This week Ikelite's social media director jumps underwater and behind the lens to try a pool photoshoot for the first time, Ikelite customer Esther White soaks up sunbeams in the cenotes of Mexico, join Jacques de Vos for a once in a lifetime expedition to photograph orcas under the northern lights, Ikelite VP John Brigham shares the how-to guide on setting up strobes with the DL5 DS Link TTL Converter, and Steve Miller shares his favorite whale shark experience.

23 Sep 2022

This week, an Insider's Guide to every shark lover's dream dive destination, customer Tom Pera fulfills his underwater photography dreams of traveling the world, Ikelite VP John Brigham does a deep dive on assembling the Canon R5 housing, and the value of saving all your images - even the ones you don't like.

16 Sep 2022

This week Douglas Klug's Underwater Cathedrals is your virtual dive and photography guide to the kelp forests in Southern California, we share our top three favorite lenses for shooting the Canon R5 underwater, a how-to guide on removing backgrounds in Adobe Express, Jessica Alexanderson and Eric Askilsrud have their underwater images on exhibit at the MaST Aquarium Art Museum, and our quick tips for macro photography.

9 Sep 2022

This week French photographer Caroline Lantrès uses the beauty of water to tell her clients' stories, Bryant Turffs helps create new technology to promote manta ray conservation and education efforts, Ikelite Ambassador Kristina Sherk is offering a free virtual seminar on how to edit photos using Adobe® Lightroom, and we weigh in on the strobes vs video lights debate.

2 Sep 2022

This week wildlife photographer Peter Mangolds takes his camera underwater to explore the under-realized views of Grand Teton National Park, an FYI on the incredibly easy maintenance of DS Strobe battery packs, environmental explorer Klaus Thymann discovers a new manatee habitat and creates a call to action with his short documentary, and the secret to aiming your strobes explained in 60 seconds.

26 Aug 2022

This week Ikelite Ambassador Matt Jacobs shares his journey to the Wild Coast to catch the sardine run, Canon's mirrorless equivalent to the Rebel SL3 may finally be here, customer Frank Belvin shares his favorite images from Bonaire and beyond, and some quick tips on photographing turtles.

19 Aug 2022

This week Ikelite Ambassador Charlotte Bories shares the psychology and physiology behind a successful freediving photoshoot, our step-by-step guide to updating your Canon R5 firmware, customer Drew Stuckey shares the natural beauty of the Southeastern United States, and when to use a Compact 8" Dome.