Underwater Housings for Sony a7S III and a1

Sony has built a dedicated following among videographers, and for good reason. A fast Hybrid AF system has 759 phase-detection AF points covering 92% of the image sensor. Sony claims the camera can deliver fast and accurate autofocus at light levels so low that the human eye struggles.

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Travel easier with the lightest lens ports on the market.

Optional M24 Port

Need an HDMI 2.0 port for an external monitor? We've got you covered.

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When to use a Compact 8" Dome Port underwater

What exactly is a Compact 8" Dome Port and why is it the answer to several questions you never thought to ask about your interchangeable lens rig?


Full Size Dome

Compact Dome


Don't Forget

Choose a lens port based on the lens you will be shooting...

Our lens port chart for Sony Alpha series gives you the right components for most popular lenses. A lens port is required for waterproof operation.

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