Ken Kiefer

Ken Kiefer

Ken has always been in or near the water. Growing up surfing in Corpus Christi, TX started his love of the water and nature. And a transition to lifeguard seemed natural once he turned 15. He got his first breath of compressed air while lifeguarding and was immediately hooked on scuba diving. He went straight through the hierarchy of levels until he became a PADI instructor in 1995. But, teaching wasn’t his true love, it was enjoying the underwater world. He wanted to show his non-diving friends and family the magical world that he was experiencing so he started experimenting with underwater photo and video.

Ken’s favorite subjects are sharks. He hopes that his pictures of these beautiful animals can be used as educational tools to inspire people and provide a positive image to counteract the negative one commonly portrayed in the media.

Being around a pool most of the time provided a handy spot to work on photography and lighting techniques between dive trips. This practice has also led Ken to creating images of families/children/swim teams/fashion and fitness athletes. Anything underwater is his motto.

Ikelite Ambassador Ken Kiefer Wreck with Sharks and Kimber

Awards + Achievements

  • ADEX 2015 Ernie Brooks Monochrome Challenge winner
  • DivePhotoGuide Picture of the Week photographer
  • Viewbug featured photographer
  • Epic Diving Shark Shootout winner

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Instagram @ken_kiefer_underwater


Underwater Swim Team Portfolio

Shark/SCUBA Portfolio

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