Adding a GoPro to Your Ikelite Underwater Housing [VIDEO]

Adding a GoPro to Your Ikelite Underwater Housing [VIDEO]

By John Brigham

A GoPro can be a great addition to your underwater camera system to easily capture a different perspective on the same subject. Let's go through three ways to add a GoPro to your Ikelite underwater housing.

The first two mounting methods are specific to Ikelite 200DL and 50DL housings featuring a central 1/4-20 threaded top mount. The last mounting method is useful for any underwater housing with an Ikelite Quick Release Handle attached.

Over the years, we've talked to a lot of customers who start out their underwater photography career shooting just a GoPro and then they upgrade and get housing for their system and they want to incorporate their previously existing GoPro into that housing.  We've also talked to a lot of people who have a housing and want to do a little set it and forget it video recording while they focus on stills. Incorporating your GoPro is pretty simple. You can add it to the top mount of a DL housing using either the 1" Ball Mount System or the Flex System, or you can add it to the quick release handle of one of the DL or DLM housings.


1" Ball Mount for DL Housing Top Mount

Our first one is going to be the 1" Ball Mount which is my favorite. You'll notice it uses the one inch ball and wingnut, so loosen it slightly until you can bend the ball and it'll show you access to the screw. Grab yourself a flathead screwdriver. Align the two tabs with the top mount of a DL housing and simply use that screwdriver to tighten it down. No need to over tighten, but do make sure it is nice and secure. And then from there you can loosen up your mount to accept the GoPro. Mount your GoPro into the threaded screw then tighten down the wingnut. This will allow you to take your GoPro and kind of tilt it out to where it hangs out over the dome. 

And what's nice about this system is if you need it to or you want it to, you could always add an arm extension in between these components if you want it to be out further, up higher, slightly to the left or right. 

ball mount for gopro to attach to an ikelite underwater housing

I like the 1" Ball Mount option because it's nice and rigid and I have full control over its positioning.

Flex Mount for DL Housing Top Mount

Our next system is very similar to the first, except for it utilizes the Flex Mount. You'll notice in the box that there is mount that'll go on the top of the DL housing, hardware, and the arm components. The arm components simply click together.

Place the mount onto the top of the housing and insert the included shoulder washer and screw into the mount opening then secure these parts with a flatheaded screwdriver, make sure that's nice and secure to the housing. Now you can take your flex arm and pop it onto the mount. Mount your GoPro using the included threaded screw and tighten it up. While it's less rigid, this allows you easy movement of your GoPro. If you need to you can take out sections of this flex arm and to have it be shorter. This allows you to position your GoPro in a way that lets you get the best angle.

flex arm to mount gopro on an ikelite underwater housing

Capture stills on your dedicated underwater camera and keep your GoPro running for video of your dive. Featured in this photo: Quick Release Kit for GoPro.

Quick Release Kit for GoPro

And if you have a DL or DLM housing that has a quick release handle then you can add your GoPro to one of those handles by using the Quick Release Kit for GoPro.

Take your components and add them to the the arm. Again, you can use the entirety of this flex arm or not depending how long you want the arm to be. You’ll notice a stem for the quick release handle that drops down and locks into place. Align your GoPro mount, turn it, screw it in. Now you can have your GoPro point of view off to the side on one of the handles.

And that's as simple as adding a GoPro to your system!


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John Brigham Ikelite Vice PresidentJohn Brigham is the Vice President & head of product development at Ikelite. He was born with a flair for design and an entrepreneurial spirit as son of Ikelite founder Ike Brigham. He worked his way up in the business and is a natural fit in the R&D side of things. John dives the equipment as much as possible to test product and put himself in the "fins" of the user. You may also find him on the other end of an email or phone call when you reach out for product advice and support. When he's not underwater he's flying drones, setting off rockets, training his German Shepherd "T2", and spending time with his family.


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