How to Use the Exciting New Adobe® Photoshop Tools with Kristina Sherk

How to Use the Exciting New Adobe® Photoshop Tools with Kristina Sherk

Save time and stress less while editing your underwater images. Ikelite Ambassador Kristina Sherk breaks down four of the latest and greatest A.I. machine learning tools from Adobe® Photoshop. By referencing the lighting, contrast, and coloration in your image, these new tools can help you easily change the background, add a prop to an underwater portrait image, or create 9:16 social media images for your Reels or YouTube Shorts covers, plus whatever other creative outlets you can dream up.

Before you dive into these exciting new features, you will need to download Adobe® Photoshop Public Beta version 24.6 or above as well as be connected to wifi. While these tools are still in beta mode, you can help improve them by providing Adobe® with your feedback by using their thumbs up or down buttons on your Contextual Task Bar as you work.


1 | Removing Objects with Generative Fill

kristina sherk photoshop video removing objects with generative fill

Watch the full tutorial: NEW! Remove ANYTHING in Photoshop with AI and Generative Fill by Kristina Sherk on YouTube

Want to remove your dive buddy from that photo you got of the lemon shark on your latest dive trip in Bimini? That's no problem with Photoshop's new Generative Fill tool. Easily remove any unwanted object from a photo and instantly have Adobe's A.I. machine learning fill in the area with their Generative Fill technology. Using the lasso tool, select the subject(s) you'd like removed and Photoshop will provide you with a handful of new image options to choose from.


2 | Adding Objects with Generative Fill

adding objects with generative fill in adobe photoshop tutorial by ikelite ambassador kristina sherk

Watch the full tutorial: Add Anything to your Photo using Photoshop's Generative Fill AI by Kristina Sherk on YouTube

Adding objects to your underwater image just became so much easier with Photoshop's Generative Fill tool. As Kristina demonstrates in her video, you can add a school of fish or reef sharks to your underwater mermaid portrait with a few clicks of a button and a prompt in Photoshop. Using the Generative Fill tool with a prompt, this new feature can be used as creatively as you can image. Looking for some underwater surrealistic inspiration? Check out Ikelite customer Conor Culver's work.


3 | Outcropping with Generative Fill

outcropping technology with kristina sherk ikelite ambassador using adobe photoshop

Watch the full tutorial: How to Extend Background in Photoshop using Generative Fill and Outcropping

These days the way to catch views on social media is with vertical photos and Reels. But what do you do if you shoot mostly in horizontal orientation? Kristina shows you how to take a horizontal image and change the aspect ratio to 9:16 to create a Reels cover by extending the background using the Generative Fill feature. Underwater photographers will be impressed by Adobe's options for underwater images. 


4 | Generate a New Background with Generative Fill

swap background with kristina sherk demonstrating adobe photoshop

Watch the full tutorial: How to Change any Background in Photoshop using NEW AI Generative Fill

Use this technology to swap out and generate an entirely new background for any image. Kristina uses an underwater image of a mermaid shot in a pool and swaps the background for a shallow oceanscape setting. This will be a great tool for any underwater portrait photographers who typically shoot in a pool but would like to display their model in a setting they may not have easy access to. 


Want to learn more?

Kristina Sherk is a Photoshop and Lightroom pro. Visit her website for access to a plethora of Adobe® tools, brushes, and AI presets. Or, check out one of her Free Masterclasses.


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Kristina Sherk is an underwater photographer, photo retoucher, and editing guru. In her capacity as a Photoshop and Lightroom educator, Kristina has traveled far and wide delivering seminars. She's been a featured speaker for Adobe products, LinkedIn, Canon, and B&H among many others. She offers over 40 hours of Photoshop education on her website all while continuing to perfect her underwater portrait photography. Read more...



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