Kristina Sherk

Kristina Sherk

Learning to swim before she could walk, Kristina Sherk sometimes wonders if her life experiences have converged to lead her down this very specific path. A self professed “water-baby” Kristina has loved the water her entire life, but it was a fellow photographer, Chris Crumley who introduced her to underwater photography.

While Kristina was an accomplished portrait photographer above the water, she reluctantly went in front of the camera to create with Chris. Being in an atmosphere where she couldn’t see, talk to the photographer, or breathe, not to mention being weightless, was challenging but also exhilarating.

Kristina Sherk Model in Yellow Dress

Since starting in front of the camera modeling underwater, and developing her topside portrait photography, it was a natural next step for Kristina to move behind the camera underwater. Now, she creates underwater portraits for her clients and has multiple international shooting and speaking engagements year round.

Kristina also teaches retouching and editing to both underwater and dry photographers through her photoshop education platform where she hosts over 40 hours of photoshop education, as well as many other tools, which help photographers work smarter and not harder.

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Featured Speaker:

  • Adobe
  • AdobeMAX
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • WPPI
  • Professional Imaging (Netherlands)
  • ImagingUSA
  • Canon
  • B&H
  • ClickAway Conference
  • Shutterfest
  • Photoshop World
  • PhotoCreators Conference
  • Photoshop Virtual Summit

Featured Author:

  • Photoshop Magazine
  • Behind the Shutter Magazine
  • Rangefinder Magazine
  • Lightroom Magazine
  • Click Magazine

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