Meaghan Ogilvie

Meaghan Ogilvie

Meaghan Ogilvie is a Canadian visual artist and freelance photographer. After graduating from a commercial photography program in Toronto, Meaghan redirected her path and pursued a career in the fine arts gaining international recognition for her underwater images. Her passion and advocacy for water became her focus after winning an award to travel to Palau and dive in one of the largest marine protected areas in the world. There, she witnessed the importance of protecting a thriving marine ecosystem.

She began photographing underwater locally in pools, but quickly became fascinated by the ocean and took every chance to travel to dive and photograph in various bodies of water around the world. Her images are continuously evolving between fine art, documentary, and advertising as she is exposed to new experiences, collaborations and technology.


Meaghan Oglivie


Meaghan has worked on various projects around water conservation such as The Seabin Project in St. Maarten, The Great Lakes Commons in Canada, and a sailing expedition in the Caribbean Sea with Diatomée; a collective residency raising awareness of ocean conservation. Other projects include advertising for Nike Victory Swimwear in collaboration with photographer Jackie Beale, Fortnight Swimwear and Saasil Tulum.

Meaghan has exhibited her work worldwide in the streets of France for Le Festival L’Homme et la Mer, in the DGI BYEN Center in Copenhagen Denmark, at the Oceanside Museum of Art in California among others. She is the recipient of several public art commissions, using her work to connect the public to water including one from the Toronto 2015 Panam Games, where she created Requiem of Water (2015), a large-scale photography installation exhibited in Toronto; and, a permanent digital mural, Here and Now (2021), for a new eco development project in Canada. Meaghan’s work has been published internationally in The World Photography Organization, Magazine Plongez and PhotoEd Magazine.


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