Charlotte Bories

Charlotte Bories

I'm a French underwater photographer specializing in Fine Art, fashion and fantasy. As a graduate of Fine Arts College, I love drawing my inspiration from Art History, myths and tales, and I don't hesitate to mix various techniques to compose my pictures.

In 2018, I had a kind of epiphany about underwater photography as the most perfect art medium for me to create all the poetic and surreal pictures I had in mind. I immediately started to learn the technique and bought all the equipment. Then I left Paris with my family to leave a new adventure in Bali. 

Charlotte Bories Shibari Pond
Shibari Pond © 2022 Charlotte Bories

Only two years later, in 2020, I won a Gold Star Award and received the honorary title of “Special Discovery of the Year” in the ND Awards, a prestigious international photography contest. This really reinforced my belief that I made the right choice and finally found my perfect creative tool.

I absolutely love crossing the waters' mirror, getting rid of gravity, being one with the liquid element and discovering hidden worlds. Each time I dive (even in a pool), my childlike soul awakens and I feel like Alice entering Wonderland!

Charlotte Bories Sistine

Sistine © 2022 Charlotte Bories

I deeply believe that my child reveries created the artist I am today. I grew up in a lonely old house, settled between fields and forest. I spent a lot of time dreaming about all the magical creatures that probably live in the nature all around: in the woods, in the hollow trunks, in the pond. As we were living quite far from the sea, I could only fantasize about my mermaid life by collecting shell fossils on the path. I dove for the first time when I was 14, with my dad as an instructor, and I felt like I was introduced to a complete new world. We mostly saw big brown seaweeds, but this new ability of breathing underwater was so magical! 

Now I'm a certified scuba diver and freediver, but I still feel this magic at every immersion. And, by mixing underwater photography with digital painting or special effects, I try to give a shape to my vision and immerse my model in a meaningful fairy world. 

Charlotte Bories

Sea Goddess © 2022 Charlotte Bories 


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