How to Change a Background in Adobe Express [VIDEO]

How to Change a Background in Adobe Express [VIDEO]

By Jean Rydgberg

When making thumbnails, banners, and other graphics it's common to want to remove the background from a portrait to replace it with a different scene or a solid color.

That's exactly what I wanted to do when creating this thumbnail for our video about diving with the 200DL Underwater Housing for the Canon EOS R5 in Catalina. I had this great photos of our team geared up to go in the water, but the background was an unattractive jumble of gray and brown that didn't scream "island diving." Using the browser-based Adobe Express, I was able to quickly knock out the background and replace it with a scene that shows the dive site and the iconic features of Catalina. This video shows you how I do just that.

Express is kind of like working in Adobe Photoshop, only about 1000x easier. You have the ability to add text, work with layers, remove backgrounds and more, in an interface that is very clean and intuitive. It also provides a huge variety of royalty-free design templates, icons, clip art, and backgrounds that are searchable and extremely useful. Even though I have the whole Creative Cloud suite, I find myself using Express every day because it allows me to go from a creative idea to an end graphic so quickly and easily.

Watch the video tutorial below for the fast and simple way to remove even a complicated background and replace it with a different image.


Download Adobe® Express here:


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Jean Rydberg IkeliteJean Rydberg, daughter of Ike Brigham, became President & CEO of Ikelite in 2006. Prior to that, she wisely pursued a degree in Astronomy & Astrophysics to prepare herself for the challenges of running a technology-driven manufacturing business with global distribution. Jean fully embraces the need to travel outside of her hometown of Indianapolis to experience good diving. She believes that any camera is capable of amazing results in the right hands, and anyone can become a great photographer given the right advice. When she's not working she's spending time with her husband, cats, and two daughters.


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