Bent Reflector Replacement for DS160 DS161 DS125 Strobes [VIDEO]

Bent Reflector Replacement for DS160 DS161 DS125 Strobes [VIDEO]

By Steve Johnson

Did your outer reflector suffer a bit too much of a bump? Replacing the outer reflector on your strobe is quick and easy to do with just a thin, flat screwdriver. Ikelite product specialist Steve Johnson shows you how to do it from start to finish in under 2 minutes. 


If a DS160, DS161, or DS125 strobe suffers a severe impact, it’s possible to dent or damage the outer aluminum reflector. This piece is an easy replacement using the Ikelite part # 0606.33. Here's how it’s done:

1 | Separate the Shroud from the Strobe

Use a very thin, flat headed screwdriver to gently separate the rubber shroud from the front of the strobe. Place the screwdriver between the rubber shroud and the front of the strobe, and push the screwdriver along the outer diameter to separate the shroud all the way around.

removing the shroud on ikelite strobe


2 | Remove the Damaged Reflector

Remove the damaged reflector from the shroud and install the new piece in its place.

damaged reflector removal


3 | Replace the Rubber Shroud

Press the rubber shroud back onto the front of the strobe. You want to make sure to push it all of the way down until it meets the gray strobe body.

replacing shroud


That's it!

If you have any questions about your strobe, or any Ikelite products, please send us an email to


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Steve Johnson has been a team member with Ikelite for 28 years. In that time he's worked within almost every aspect of the company but has mainly focused on the service department. Outside of work you can catch Steve scuba diving, snorkeling, spending time with family and his chocolate lab rescue Maplesugar.  




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