Split Shots (Half-In, Half-Out)

The perspective in an image shot with your dome port half submerged provides a sense of scale that is unique. Also called over-unders, many photographers consider these the most difficult category of wide angle images to capture.


Anywhere there's water!

DSLR + Mirrorless

ISO: 200 to 400
Mode: M Manual
Aperture: f/11 to f/16
Shutter Speed: 1/125 to 1/160
Technique: A wide angle or fisheye lens with a dome port is essential. Find the right exposure settings first, then work on your composition. If the water is shallow enough to stand, try sighting over the top of the housing so that you can see the front of the dome. The water in even the calmest of seas will lap across your dome, so timing of the shutter coincides with the moment the water line is close to level and in the middle of the dome. 

Point + Shoot

ISO: 200 to 400
Mode: M Manual
Aperture: f/11 (or smallest available)
Shutter Speed: 1/125
Technique: A wide angle lens or dome is essential. Hold the camera as still as possible and take the photo when the water crosses the photo in the desired position.


Strobes are not necessary, but can help to balance the brighter top portion of the frame with the underwater portion. Keep the strobes pointed down into the water at an angle and positioned as far from the lens as possible to reduce backscatter.


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