Making Adjustments to Ikelite Housing Control Length [VIDEO]

Making Adjustments to Ikelite Housing Control Length [VIDEO]

Our direct-drive controls are famous for reliability, serviceability, and function. Small variations in cameras and lenses can create minor fit differences when installed in a housing. These differences can typically be made up for by making micro-adjustments to the housing’s control knobs. When done correctly, adjustments can be completed in seconds and do not compromise the factory seal of the housing.

Mike Rabideau explains when and how to adjust controls for the perfect fit to your camera and lens.

For information on having your housing serviced please visit our Service + Repairs page.




Mike Rabideau Ikelite Underwater Systems Mike Rabideau was certified in 1984 and two years later started working at Ikelite. He went on to become head designer of our camera housing line and leads our technical customer support team. If you call or email with a technical question, there’s a good chance you’ll hear back from Mike R. Mike’s an active diver and underwater photographer. In his free time he enjoys driving his 1962 Nash Metropolitan to car shows. His son also became a certified diver and works underwater every day with the marine mammals at the Indianapolis Zoo.



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