Assemble Your Housing Like a Pro [VIDEO]

Assemble Your Housing Like a Pro [VIDEO]

By Logan Wood

Find out how an XXL Assembly Mat can help you to keep your underwater housing clean and reduce wear and tear. The assembly mat does double duty between the dive location and the editing suite. 


One of my favorite things in my underwater rig never even gets wet. It’s my extra extra large equipment assembly mat.

When I’m putting my housing together I want to protect it from dust, dirt, and prevent it from getting scratched. The equipment mat does the trick.

I roll it up and tuck it into my gear bag anytime I’m traveling. The equipment mat is made of a durable fabric-covered neoprene with a stitched edge that helps it lay flat and prevents fraying. 

It also protects the table top I’m working on from accidental scratches. In between trips it lives with my editing setup, keeping my workspace clean and giving my forearms a little cushion.

The Crocodile Equipment Assembly Mat and XXL Mouse Pad # 30205 is a great addition to any creator’s bag, and you can pick it up right now online and anywhere Ikelite products are sold.


Logan Wood Profile Photo

Logan Wood is a published photographer, cinematographer, and Producer at Ikelite. Stemming from a great appreciation for the outdoors and living an active lifestyle, his work focuses on capturing and sharing the natural world through the latest technologies. When not in the studio, Logan can be found cruising on his bike, going to concerts, and researching where to go next. You can see more of his work at and on Instagram @jlowood



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