The BEST Entry-Level Compact Camera Housing Underwater Right NOW!

The BEST Entry-Level Compact Camera Housing Underwater Right NOW!

What do you think of when you imagine an underwater photo? Over-unders? Wildlife? Macro? Wide-angle? Perhaps smooth 4K video? Whatever it is, you want to capture your own unique perspective of the underwater world. The Canon EOS R10 is the system that will take you from your couch to the most beautiful places on Earth.

So, what makes it so special? Our professionals breakdown what makes the Canon EOS R10 stand out from the pack and why it's simply the best entry-level compact system on the market right now.

Size and Simplicity

One of the things we like best about the Canon R10 is that it's super compact without compromising creative control. "The size of the system can't be big. It's easy to travel with and comfortable to swim with," shares Mike Rabideau, Ikelite Technical Specialist. 

"With the R10 you have full manual control and therefore full creative control. Unlike the Sony RX100 or the Olympus TG-6, which is about the same size, you have full creative control with the R10."

canon r10 size comparison

There's no sacrificing creativity and control for size, with the Canon R10 you can have both.

President and CEO of Ikelite Jean Rydberg highlights the simplicity of the Canon R10 Underwater Housing assembly, "I won't spend an hour every night getting my photo gear together. I love that the system is so simple and it just goes in the housing so fast."

"There are systems that promise to be cheaper and easier, and they typically come with hidden workarounds and disappointments. The Canon R10 is the most user friendly, compact entry level system," says Ikelite VP and Product Engineer John Brigham.


canon r10 controls

"If you want to take good underwater photos, you've got to know when to change your shutter speed and aperture and be able to do that quickly," Mike Rabideau. The Canon R10's dual exposure dials make adjusting your settings fast and easy.

"Most cameras at this price point only have one exposure dial on them, but on the R10, Canon actually added a second dial. I can use one for Aperture and I use one for shutter speed and it makes it so fast for me to take pictures underwater. And now I feel like I can never give up having a second exposure dial," Jean Rydberg.

Autofocus Tracking Technology

Steve Miller was most impressed with the Canon R10's outstanding autofocus tracking capabilities, "one of the more exciting things I discovered with the R10 is that it has a tracking system that is incredibly fast. It will find focus on your subject and it will hold it even when it moves." 

canon r10 inside an ikelite housing with strobes

The Canon R10 boasts an impressive 651 focus points. That's over 49% more focus points than the Sony RX100 VII offers and 96% more focus points than the Olympus TG-6.

Canon has the edge in the compact mirrorless market right now. John Brigham emphasizes, "The Canon R10 features the same A.I. powered autofocus tracking found in their professional-end cameras, making it better than any other compact camera on the market today."

For underwater video enthusiasts the Canon R10 offers smooth and seamless 4K video capabilities. Jean Rydberg shares, "Whether I was shooting video or stills, I really enjoyed shooting the R10. I felt like my video came out really smooth whenever I was shooting with an IS lens."

Your Best Investment

"This is simply the best entry level compact system on the market. It's not too complicated. It's not too large. It's not going to limit you and the types of shots you can capture. This is a system that will serve you well for years to come." - John Brigham

We've never been more excited for a compact mirrorless camera and now you dive into a complete system - with everything you need to get underwater today - for under $2,400. Our 200DLM Underwater Housing and Canon EOS R10 Camera Complete Kit # 69744 includes our 200DL Underwater Housing with Dome Port, the Canon EOS R10 camera, plus the 18-45mm lens.

As always, if you need more help our inbox is always open: Happy shooting!

nirupam nigam canon r10 image taken with ikelite underwater housing

"After a month of diving with the Canon EOS R10, it's clear that it is the best value underwater camera system ever created." © Nirupam Nigam. View the full Canon R10 Underwater Photo Gallery


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