Sync Cord Assembly + Use

Sync Cord Assembly + Use

What does the red band mean?

Dual sync cords have a primary and secondary side so only one ready light signal is sent to the camera. The secondary cord which does not have a ready light signal is marked with a red band. This is the strobe that should be turned off if only one strobe is to be used. This is easy to remember because logic dictates red would be the primary side, but Ikelite got it backwards and put it on the secondary side.

What does the blue band mean?

The blue band designates it as a "digital" sync cord. For Ikelite-to-Ikelite sync cords, this means that all 5 conductors are wired. For Ikelite-to-Nikonos sync cords, this means that only 2 conductors are wired (trigger and ground).

Can I use non-Ikelite lubricant?

Some non-Ikelite brands of lubricants have been known to cause softening and swelling of our o-rings. We recommend using only Ikelite silicone lubricant on all of our o-rings to prevent potential problems or flooding.

Are the cord connector caps waterproof?

No. The caps including with our sync cords are intended to be dust caps for storage only. The caps fit loosely on the ends to prevent the o-rings from taking a set over long periods of time. There is not enough pressure exerted on the o-ring to keep the end watertight at depth. Diving with a dust cap on your sync cord will result in a damaged cord.

What if my housing has two bulkheads?

Housings that have two Nikonos style bulkheads are not always wired correctly to utilize dual strobes with one strobe attached to each bulkhead. Dual strobes (one connected to each bulkhead) may not operate correctly if both bulkheads connect all five conductors to the camera. Five conductors from each bulkhead would allow either strobe to operate TTL, but not both simultaneously. One should have five conductors and the other connect only three conductors for dual strobe operation.

We have seen Aquatica, Seacam, Nexus, and Subal housings with two Nikonos style bulkheads wired with all five conductors connected to the camera, requiring a dual cord attached to just one bulkhead. The manufacturer should be able to tell you if their wiring is compatible with accepted protocol.

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