Ikelite DS51 II Strobe Features // For Macro and Wide Angle Underwater Photography [VIDEO]

Ikelite DS51 II Strobe Features // For Macro and Wide Angle Underwater Photography [VIDEO]

The DS51 II is the perfect choice for shooters looking for a compact, lightweight strobe option. It combines the performance of a macro strobe with a wider, more powerful beam suitable for mid-range wide angle photography. The beam is softer and wider when used with the included diffuser.  

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Power Source

The DS51 is powered by four AA batteries with a simple, reliable battery compartment closure. Unlike most strobes, you don’t need to remove or lubricate the sealing o-ring. Just make sure it’s clean and tighten the door until you see the waterproof seal form.

AA batteries have the advantage of being available for purchase anywhere in the world. We recommend traveling with high quality rechargeable Eneloop Pro batteries to enjoy more flashes and faster recycle times compared to disposable alkaline cells. A high quality set of batteries can provide enough power for a full day of diving.

Exposure Settings

An easy to turn control knob includes TTL, Full, and 5 fractional power settings ranging from negative one-half to negative 2.5 stops. The back of the strobe features an LED which lights up when the strobe is ready to fire.


Triggering Options

The real power of the strobe lies in the unique electrical bulkhead. Only Ikelite DS strobes are capable of powering external accessories through the bulkhead. This reduces maintenance and missed opportunities due to low batteries. It also opens up a whole world of creative potential.

The DS51 strobe is compatible with a wide variety of TTL converters for every major camera system, extension cords for unique strobe positioning, high sensitivity optical remote triggers, and a range of fiber optic options. 


The body of the strobe is made a highly durable and corrosion-proof material. Compared to aluminum-body strobes, the DS51 is significantly lighter and more buoyant making it easier to handle on the surface and underwater.


Build Quality

Ikelite products are made in the USA by a team of divers and photographers. Our strobes are depth rated to 300 feet, and warrantied for 2 years. 


What's Included

The DS51 II ships with a removable diffuser and universal one-inch ball mount attachment.

The DS51 II is just-right-sized for any camera system and can grow with you as your underwater photography evolves.

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