Mixing Different Sized Strobes for Underwater Photography [VIDEO]

DS51 and DS230 Underwater Strobes Ikelite

One of the most common questions we hear is “Can I mix two different size strobes?” Let’s talk about it.  



Many underwater shooters start with a compact strobe and later want to add a professional grade strobe to their system. And that’s totally OK. 

What to Expect

Strobes can differ in beam angle, intensity, and warmth [or color temperature]. A slight color variation won’t be very noticeable. And the difference in the light can actually add depth to your underwater photo. Get creative with your strobe placement in relation to the subject. 

Secondary Strobe Underwater Housing Ikelite

If you choose to use two different size strobes with a dual sync cord, connect the smaller strobe to the secondary end. 

Benefits to Using Similar Size Strobes

There are several advantages to choosing two  of the SAME strobe. The buoyancy of system will be more balanced and comfortable to swim with. You’ll also have redundancy of spare parts and accessories in case something gets lost or broken. 

You can never carry too much light underwater. Add a second strobe to your system to increase the color and clarity of your photos. 

Diver with Ikelite Underwater Housing and Strobes

Using two of the same size strobe can make it more enjoyable to dive because your system will be more balanced. 

Reach out to us if you have any questions about choosing gear for your next shoot. 


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