Connecting Two Strobes to your Underwater Housing

Connecting Two Strobes to your Underwater Housing

How do I connect a second strobe?

A dual sync cord is recommended to connect a second Ikelite strobe to any hard-wired Ikelite TTL system. A dual sync cord is the only way to utilize the TTL electronics with both strobes.

A second Ikelite strobe can also be added as a slave strobe using the Optical Slave Converter. In this case the second strobe would be firing each time with a manual exposure setting selected on the slave strobe. The Optical Slave converter may allow greater freedom for creative lighting by allowing you to place the second strobe at a much farther distance from the system than a cord would allow.

When using a dual sync cord which strobe is my secondary?

The secondary strobe is designated by a red band at the end of the cord that attaches to the strobe. If you want to turn one strobe off while shooting, it must be the strobe that is connected to the red-banded end.

Can I dive with a cap on one end of my dual sync cord?

No. The caps including with our sync cords are intended to be dust caps for storage only. The caps fit loosely on the ends to prevent the o-rings from taking a set over long periods of time. There is not enough pressure exerted on the o-ring to keep the end watertight at depth. Diving with a dust cap on your sync cord WILL result in a flood which will NOT be covered under the one year limited warranty.

You may dive with a second strobe attached that is left in the off power position.

Can I connect one Ikelite strobe and one non-Ikelite strobe?

We do not offer any dual sync cords that would provide hard-wired attachment of two dissimilar strobes. You can use dissimilar strobes by using one strobe as a slave. Keep in mind you may need to adjust pre-flash settings on your strobe to make it fire at the correct time. Refer to your strobe's instruction manual for more information.

Can I use different size (power) strobes together?

Your photographs may appear more appealing with two strobes of different intensity.

The same effect is achieved with two identical strobes by placing one closer to the subject. Strobe placement is how you provide the lighting ratio. TTL exposure will be slightly more accurate with matching strobes and/or strobes with the same angle of coverage.

Do I need to use any special settings when shooting different size strobes?

Attach the less powerful strobe to the secondary side of your dual sync cord, designated by a red band at the end. If using an Ikelite Digital TTL system, set both strobes to TTL. When using an Ikelite dSLR housing with built-in TTL circuitry set the internal switch to the correspond to the less powerful strobe.

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