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Housing Identification + Modification

Housing Identification + Modification

Have an older Ikelite housing and don't know what it fits? Looking at an Ikelite housing on eBay? This is the FAQ for you!

Are there any other cameras I can use in this housing?

Generally, differences in lens and control placement prevent similar looking models from being used in a housing designed for a different model. Except where specifically noted on the webpage or instruction manual for that model, we are not aware of any other models which may be used in or adapted to a particular housing.

Do you make custom housings or custom modifications?

Sorry, but we are not in a position to offer custom product at this time.

Can you help me identify a housing?

We would be happy to help you identify your housing. Please send the housing serial numbers along with photos of the front and back of the housing to us at ikelite@ikelite.com.

The serial number is typically stamped on the top front corner and top edge of the back. Unfortunately we are not able to identify older film models and many older video models due to a lack of serialization tracking.

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