Updating DS230 Strobe to DS232 with Video Light

Updating DS230 Strobe to DS232 with Video Light

Since it started shipping in May 2022, the DS230 has become the new favorite of professional underwater photographers worldwide. Full frame shooters in particular love its unparalleled combination of speed, power, and diffusion. 

Every modern camera shoots high-definition video in addition to still images, so having a constant-on video light with you on your dives is more important than ever. That's where the DS232 Strobe comes in.

What's in the DS232?

The DS232 is exactly the same photographic flash as the DS230 so you won't notice any difference in power or quality of light. Where the DS230 has a 205 lumen narrow beam focus light, the DS232 incorporates a built-in 2500-lumen diffused video light instead. 


  • 213 watt-second flash power rating
  • 120º flash angle of coverage
  • 5000K flash color temperature
  • 1.2 second or faster flash recycle time
  • 2500 lumen maximum video light output
  • 500 lumen video light output in strobe mode
  • 300+ flashes per charge
  • 1 hour burn time with video on full power (less when firing strobe)
  • 7.2V 3300mAh NiMH rechargeable battery pack
Ikelite DS232 and DS230 Underwater Strobes Side by Side

The DS232 (left) has the same flash as the DS230 (right) but the center is a 2500 lumen CoB LED for shooting video. 

Upgrading from DS230

For a limited time, users who purchased a DS230 strobe prior to the release of the DS232 are eligible to upgrade at a reduced price of US$200 (plus shipping and any applicable duties and/or taxes).

Only DS230 Strobes below serial # 81620 are qualified to take advantage of this reduced price offer. Strobes above this serial number can be upgraded at the standard cost of US$400 plus shipping. 

Strobes must be returned to our factory in Indiana, USA, to be upgraded. The strobe body and electronics will be reused. Additional charges may apply if there is non-warranty damage to the strobe front.

The battery pack is not necessary to complete the upgrade. We recommend keeping the battery pack(s) at home to reduce shipment weight. 

Refer to our Service & Repairs documentation for instructions on how to package, address, and send your strobes for upgrade. Please be sure to include a cover letter with contact information inside of the box.

Service times vary. Please allow 2-4 weeks plus transit time.

Any questions? Email us via ikelite@ikelite.com.


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