Top 10 Underwater Photography Products 2023 // Ikelite [VIDEO]

Top 10 Underwater Photography Products 2023 // Ikelite [VIDEO]

Thanks for driving us to make 2023 one of our most innovative years yet! We sorted the dozens of new products announced this year to bring the Top 10 products that absolutely should not be missed. Scroll down for a deep dive on each product plus links to all of the gear shown.


# 10 | Sony FX3/FX30 Underwater Housing

ikelite top products sony fx3-fx30 underwater housing

By popular demand, we moved into Sony's cinema line this year with our housing for FX3 and FX30 cameras.

These exciting and super-portable Sony digital cinema cameras were built for travel. Find out how easy it is to set your camera body up in a housing and attach your favorite lens.


# 9 | Canon R100 Underwater Housing

ikelite top products canon r100 underwater housing

Our jaws dropped to the floor When Canon released the R100 compact mirrorless body for less than $500 U.S.

The R100 is the most affordable way to invest in a system that can tackle almost anything underwater with ease. Dive into why the R100 is your best choice of a compact point and shoot camera

Looking for a quick and easy gift for yourself (or someone else!) this holiday season? The Canon EOS R100 Camera and Underwater Housing Deluxe Kit comes with everything you need to start taking professional level underwater photos TODAY!


# 8 | Equipment Assembly Mat

ikelite top products assembly mat

The Assembly Mat is one of those things that you never knew you were missing until you tried one.

Find out how an XXL Assembly Mat can help you to keep your underwater housing clean and reduce wear and tear


# 7 | Sony ZV-E1 Underwater Housing 

ikelite top products sony zv-e1 underwater housing 
The ZV-E1 is one of our favorite Sony cameras for both underwater and topside video.

The ZV-E1 is Sony's smallest and lightest full-frame interchangeable lens camera with in-body image stabilization. Find out why this is such a popular camera and how to set it up for underwater use and what the best camera settings are for underwater videography on the Sony ZV-E1.


# 6 | Manual Fiber Optic Transmitter

ikelite manual fiber optic transmitter top products of 2023

The Manual Fiber Optic Transmitter is a smart way to shoot fiber optic strobes for cameras that have no built in flash.

Removing the fiber optic port from the slave converter on your strobe opens up a world of opportunities for remote flash firing. Learn all about remote firing and creative lighting with Manual Fiber Optic Transmitter.


# 5 |  Nikon Z8 Underwater Housing

ikelite top products nikon z8 underwater housing

The Z8 puts Nikon back in the game in a big way with the best camera they've made for shooting underwater since the Nikonos V.

Many underwater photographers’ prayers were answered with the release of the iconic Nikon Z8 mirrorless camera. It’s a shrunk down Z9 in just about every way, making it the perfect solution for action-oriented photographers who want Nikon’s best in terms of speed, autofocus performance, and dynamic range. Here's everything you need to know to take it underwater today.

# 4 |  Canon R7 Underwater Housing

ikelite canon r7 underwater housing top products of 2023

The Canon R7 is literally the top selling compact mirrorless underwater system of 2023.

The Canon R7 is an amazing system to shoot underwater right now thanks to its 33 megapixel resolution, in-body image stabilization, and 4K video using the full width of its sensor. The accuracy and speed of the R7's autofocus is another key feature. Find out how the R7 performed in burst shooting mode underwater with the Ikelite DS230 Strobes.


# 3 | DS232 Strobe with Video Light

ikelite ds232 underwater strobe

We have loved your response to the most powerful strobe on the market, the DS232. Combining a 213 watt second flash with a 2500 lumen video light.

Some situations underwater require as much light as you can get. The DS232 packs more flash capacitance to cut through the water and deliver sharper, more colorful, professional looking wide angle images.


# 2 | Canon TTL Fiber Optic Transmitter

ikelite canon ttl transmitter

Our Canon TTL is the best in the industry, and it's becoming available with a fiber optic connection for the first time.


# 1 | USB-C Charging and Data Transfer Bulkhead

usb-c transfer cord ikelite top products of 2023

Hundreds of photographers are already saving time and energy with our new USB-C Charging and Data Transfer Bulkhead. If you're not using one with your DL housing, then what are you even doing?

Imagine being able to put your camera body into a housing at the beginning of your trip and never take it out again until you’re packing to go home! Save time and stress less with our USB-C Charging and Data Transfer Bulkhead

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