UP TO 50% OFF!! Ikelite Black Friday Sale 2023 [VIDEO]

UP TO 50% OFF!! Ikelite Black Friday Sale 2023 [VIDEO]

We only offer discounts one time a year so don’t miss it! Save up to 50% on DL Lens Ports, vacuum systems, filters, dome diffusers, Canon R10, Canon R100, OM TG-6 and TG-7 dome ports, and more!

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Ports and Extensions

ikelite dome port savings black friday 2023

There’s big savings of 20% on ports and extensions from our DL port system. This can really add up with some of the longer lenses, you could be saving $200 or more on the corresponding port.

We often travel with both the Full Size 8” Dome for split shots and the Compact 8” Dome for regular diving. If you haven’t tried the compact 8” dome, check out the Port Charts to see if it’s compatible with your lens.

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Trim Weight System

ikelite trim weight system on sale for black friday 2023

If you’re shooting a full size 8” dome with a mirrorless camera you can balance your system out perfectly with our Trim Weight Systems which are 20% off this weekend only.

Neutral buoyancy and perfect trim are important to underwater imaging whether you’re shooting photos or video. Large diameter dome ports are the right choice for split shots (half-in, half out of the water), but that big pocket of air needs a counter-balance. That’s where the Trim Weight Systems come in.

Learn More: Using a Trim Weight System for Balance and Stability Underwater [VIDEO]


Magnifying Viewfinders

magnified viewfinders on sale for black friday with ikelite

You can also save 20% on our Straight or 45º Magnifying Viewfinders. 

Magnified viewfinders improve the ergonomics of your housing, provide a brighter view of the camera's viewfinder, and make it easier to see the edges of the image.

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OM Systems TG-7 FCON-T02 Dome Port

tg-7 fcon-t02 dome port on sale with ikelite for black friday

There are also great deals for our compact shooters. OM Systems TG-7 users can save on the awesome dome port for the FCON-T02 wide angle lens. It’s our favorite way to shoot wide angle with the TG-7 or TG-6 and you can save $100 today.

The FCON-T02 lens provides incredible versatility underwater with unmatched portability and ease of use. This dynamic lens can shoot sharp macro and wide angle all on the same dive by simply changing the zoom position.

Learn More: Wide Angle Fisheye to Macro on the Same Dive


Canon R10 and Canon R100

canon instant savings with ikelite for black friday

If you’re ready to move into a more professional compact system, Canon is offering $100 instant savings for a limited time on both the R100 and R10 cameras which are two of our favorite systems in the water right now.

The Canon R100 is the most budget-friendly of all compact mirrorless cameras on the market. It’s an outstanding entry point for anyone who’s new to underwater photography, new to mirrorless, or new to interchangeable lens cameras. If you’re looking for an affordable and compact system that doesn’t limit your creativity, you can’t beat the R100 right now.

For our dollar, the Canon EOS R10 hits the sweet spot between performance and price. We particularly appreciate the addition of a second exposure dial and it’s the only camera in its class to offer 4K at 60p video resolution. If you're looking for fast autofocus, outstanding dynamic range, great battery life, and a compact size that's easy to travel with and shoot underwater then the R10 is the camera for you.

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Filters and Dome Diffusers

filters and diffusers for ikelite strobes on sale for black friday

It's a great time to accessorize with savings up to 50% on a variety of filters and dome diffusers.

Domed diffusers provide the softest, widest coverage possible, with higher transmissivity to let more light through. There is no cooling effect so the natural glow of your strobe is preserved.

Filters are useful for color correction when shooting underwater in sunny, shallow conditions. We also offer dichroic and barrier filters for you to explore the exotic world of natural fluorescence.

Learn More: Fluorescence Photography to Enhance Your Night Dive


Vacuum System

vacuum systems on sale with ikelite for black friday

Are you using a vacuum system to check for leaks before entering the water? If not you’re taking a risk and there’s no excuse now with 50% off vacuum systems

The first rule of underwater photography is to make sure your camera is safe and dry. The best way to do that is to check for leaks prior to entering the water using a vacuum valve and pump. When used properly, a vacuum pump evacuates the air from the housing after it is sealed. Vacuum systems not only help prevent leaks, they also create a pressure differential which reinforces all of the closing mechanisms on your housing.

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