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SKU: 46007

USB Charging & Data Transfer Bulkhead for 200DL and 50DL Underwater Housings

Sale price$ 175.00

If you're looking for a way to save time and reduce stress during your next dive trip, this is your answer.

The USB Charging & Data Transfer Bulkhead installs in the M16 port of select 200DL Underwater Housings. The Hyper-Flex USB-C to USB-C Cable connects the port to your camera on the inside of your housing. 

This allows you to attach a high quality (3.0 or above) USB-C cable [not included] from the outside of your housing to charge the camera and offload photos and video to your laptop. Simply replace the waterproof cap on the bulkhead when you're ready to go diving.

An optional Right Angle USB-C Adapter is required for use with select models. Refer to the Housing Compatibility section below for details.

Scroll down for housing compatibility information.

Depth Rating

200 feet (60 meters)

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