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David Fleetham's Tips on Housing Assembly & Maintenance [VIDEO]

David Fleetham's Tips on Housing Assembly & Maintenance [VIDEO]

Ambassador David Fleetham is one of the most published underwater photographers of all time and has shot hundreds of magazine covers with his Ikelite housings. So he knows a thing or two about how to set up his gear and ensure that he comes back with the shot and not a fancy bucket of water.

Tune in for his tried-and-true method with all of his special tips and tricks.





David Fleetham ProfileAmbassador David Fleetham left his hometown of Vancouver, Canada, for Maui in 1986 and never looked back. He earned his USCG Captain's license while working in various dive charter businesses, shooting, and submitting his photos to magazines and businesses. One of the most prolific underwater photographers of his time, David now has galleries and agents in over 50 countries that reproduce his images thousands of times each year. Read more...




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