Tightening Contacts on Your Ikelite Strobe Battery Packs [VIDEO]

Tightening Contacts on Your Ikelite Strobe Battery Packs [VIDEO]

Accidentally twisting or pulling on your DS160, DS161, DS162, DS230, DS232, or DS125 strobe battery pack can cause the contacts to loosen over time. This can lead to intermittent firing or loss of TTL operation.

Product expert Steve Johnson shows you how to use a thin, flat screwdriver to gently tighten the battery pack receptacles to ensure good contact with your strobe front.




How To Do It

If you’re experiencing these issues, try this. 

Take a thin, flat bladed screwdriver, and gently bend the prongs of each contact gently towards the center. 

 Tightening contacts on an Ikelite strobe battery pack

Repeat this on all 5 receptacles.

When you’re done, the strobe front will have a tighter fit to the battery pack, ensuring good electrical contact. 


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