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SKU: 40230X

DS230 Strobe Front with Modeling Light

Sale price$ 1,050.00

A battery pack is required for waterproof operation, not included. Battery pack, charger, and ball mount sold separately.

We are currently experiencing a back-order delay of 7-8 weeks on new strobe orders.

Ikelite DS230 DS160 DS161 DS51 underwater strobes

Industry-Leading Technology

Quality of light in a lightweight package

There's a simple rule to underwater lighting: more is better. A fast and powerful strobe is the easiest way to improve your underwater photos.

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10 stops in 1/2-stop increments

Strobe Connector

Ikelite Bulkhead

Port Mount


Color Temperature


Depth Rating

330 feet (100 meters)


1.4 lb


3.2" diameter x 4.5" length (81 x 114 mm)

I have been shooting Ikelite strobes for over 40 years. 95% of my library of over 300,000 images have been shot with Ikelite strobes. The remaining 5% are available light. The clean wide angle of coverage of these strobes have been essential to my success with these images.

David Fleetham, Professional Photographer

I often need several strobes for my work in underwater caves. I have been using Ikelite strobes since about 1988, having exhausted several generations (and two color schemes)! Ikelite has always offered a robust build, high power and reliability. That is very important to me in the field.

Jill Heinerth, Explorer & Professional Photographer

Ikelite strobes have illuminated pictures in all my 38 books of the ocean and over 500 of my features in magazines. Ikelite strobes have lighted my subjects and scenes from beneath the Arctic to the Antarctic and underwater imageries from all seven oceans. As a working professional, I have tried and tested many other brands, Ikelite is the finest in its class bar none.

Michael AW, Professional Photographer

I’ve spent months shooting underneath the Antarctic ice in the past 20 years, including filming for the BBC Life series. Ikelite strobes have been the only ones I found to be dependable enough for professional use in the harshest conditions on Earth.

Norbert Wu, Professional Photographer

In a trip to the Revillagigedo Archipelago, I was fortunate enough to witness hundreds of the ocean's top predators and nailed each shot time and time again. With quick recycle times and accurate TTL, the only time I touched my strobes was to adjust position and paint the light the way I wanted it in a scene.

Nirupam Nigam, Underwater Photography Guide

Taken with Ikelite DS230 Strobe copyright Josh Blank

© Blank • Liechti • Mueller

Taken with DS strobes underwater

Taken with Ikelite DS230 Strobe copyright Fritz Liechti

© Blank • Liechti • Mueller

Taken with DS strobes underwater

Taken with Ikelite DS230 Strobe copyright Brandi Mueller

© Blank • Liechti • Mueller

Taken with DS strobes underwater

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DS Strobes by the Numbers

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213 watt-sec

160 watt-sec

50 watt-sec

Coverage Angle




Color Temperature





10 steps in 1/2 stop increments

10 steps in 1/2 stop increments

6 steps in 1/2-stop increments

Recycle Time

1.2 sec or faster

1.0 sec or faster

3.5 sec or faster