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SKU: 4413

RC1 Olympus TTL Receiver for AOI LED Flash Trigger and DS Strobes

Sale price$ 175.00
Enjoy true Olympus RC TTL strobe exposure via fiber optic connection with your compatible Ikelite DS strobe. This Receiver is specifically calibrated for use with AOI Flash Triggers in RC Mode in the following underwater housings**:

AOI UH-EPL10R Underwater Housing for Olympus E-PL9/10
AOI UH-OM1 Underwater Housing for OM System OM-1
AOI UH-EM1III Underwater Housing for Olympus OM-D E-M1 III
AOI UH-EM10 IV Underwater Housing for Olympus E-M10 IV

This Receiver is not intended for use with Ikelite brand underwater housings for the above cameras or for housings where the strobe is triggered directly from the camera’s built-in flash. 

With the RC1 TTL Receiver and a compatible camera with RC flash mode, actual exposure data is calibrated and communicated directly by the camera. This is far more accurate and consistent than "slave TTL" modes built into some underwater strobes which watch the camera's built-in flash and react. 

An individual RC1 TTL Receiver and compatible fiber optic cord is needed for each strobe. Use of two strobes requires two receivers. This product attaches to an Ikelite DS strobe. It is not intended to be attached to a housing and will provide no functionality if attached to a housing bulkhead. This receiver is not compatible with non-Ikelite strobes or non-digital Ikelite strobes. 

Depth Rating

330 feet (100 meters)


3 oz

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