Diving Through the Decades eBook Available Now

Diving Through the Decades eBook Available Now

Announcing a new eBook that chronicles the progression of scuba diving from its humble beginnings to an international sport enjoyed by millions. Written by highly respected diving historian Eric Hanauer, Diving Through The Decades takes readers on an up-close and personal, decade by decade journey through the evolution of diving while highlighting inventions, events, and noted diving pioneers. The comprehensive text includes personal stories, historical photographs, and insightful interviews Hanauer conducted with numerous diving pioneers who laid the foundation of diving as we know it today. The interviews (conducted over a period of 40 years) transform the book from a gathering of historical facts into an intimate experience for diving enthusiasts.

Hanauer’s first magazine article appeared in Skin Diver in 1977. That launched a parallel career as a writer and photographer that took Hanauer around the world in the heyday of the magazine industry. Eventually, he expanded into other publications, including Dive Training, Fathoms, Scubapro Diving and Snorkeling, Scuba Times, and Sport Diver, among others. His byline has appeared in more than 1,000 articles, many reprinted internationally. The recipient of the prestigious NOGI (New Orleans Grand Isle) Award in Sports/Education in 2019 presented by the Underwater Academy of Arts and Sciences, Hanauer has written four additional books: The Egyptian Red Sea, Diving Pioneers, Diving Micronesia, and Immersion, a corporate history of Aqua Lung.

Created by divers for divers, the Wise Divers eBook series began in January 2021 with the publishing of 101 Tips for Underwater Photographers. More information on all 5 eBooks in the series can be found at wisedivers.com.

The eBook is available from Apple Book Store and from Amazon.com


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