Sam the Clam | A Charming Children's Book by Lindsey Dougherty

Sam the Clam | A Charming Children's Book by Lindsey Dougherty

By Lindsey Dougherty

One Christmas morning, after a “little” champagne, my mom and I decided to write a children’s book. Two and a half years later – it’s FINISHED! We are so excited to announce Sam the Clam: Adventures Under the Jetty. 

It’s a story about a disco clam (the subject of my PhD research) and what his class finds during a field trip to the Trench with their octopus teacher Dr. O. It contains cast introductions, as all the characters are based on real marine animals my mom and I have seen while diving. It also has some wonderful tips on how to help protect our oceans.

Part of the proceeds will be donated to the Ocean First Institute, for which I am a Scientific Advisory Board Member. They do amazing work, including trips with students (last summer we fed high school students to sharks! err...let high school students tag sharks! haha). I wrote the book and took the photos, and my mom Christy Furman did the beautiful illustrations. We hope you enjoy it!

You can buy the paperback and/or e-book version here:

Lindsey Dougherty Sam the Clam book


Lindsey Dougherty ProfileAmbassador Lindsey Dougherty is an avid underwater photographer, and recently joined the Elysium Epic Expedition where she was the principal scientist for coral. Lindsey’s love of photography stems from her background in animal behavior - she received her PhD from the University of California Berkeley in 2016 on the flashing “disco” clam, and did the majority of her research throughout Indonesia. Her research has been featured in over 50 new stories, including the New York Times, CNN, the Discovery Channel, and National Geographic. Read more...




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