DPReview Chris Niccolls' Most Ergonomic Digital Camera of All Time

DPReview Chris Niccolls' Most Ergonomic Digital Camera of All Time

Digital Photography Review was founded just a few years after the Ikelite website, in 1998, and quickly became one of the most essential photography sites on the internet. They are known for their rigorous in-hand testing of every camera on the market and for publishing complete specifications, reviews, news, along with interesting content about just about everything related to digital photography.

Chris Niccolls is the main host of DPReview TV and has the unique role of getting out there and shooting - and having an opinion on - every camera body that comes out on the market.


He recently ran down his top 5 list of the Best Handling Digital Cameras and we were a little surprised by - and happen to fully agree with - his top pick. Skip to 8:08 or just keep reading if you want the results right away.

Ergonomics of a camera affect your ability to quickly make the right settings for the shot. Most people don't realize that topside ergonomics including button spacing and menu designs directly translate to the usability of a camera inside of an underwater housing. Not only will you be more comfortable with the control set, but the mechanisms to drive it will be more seamless. 

It's no secret the the Canon EOS R5 is also our favorite camera in terms of ergonomics above and below water. Every camera on the market has it's slight edge in some category, but we feel the R5 just happens to wrap everything up into a pretty awesome package. 


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