DS230 Strobes Shipping Amid Extended Delays

DS230 Strobes Shipping Amid Extended Delays

Thank you for waiting so patiently in the pre-order line for the release of the exciting new DS230 Strobe.

In response to overwhelming customer demand, we are releasing an option to purchase the DS230 Strobe with Modeling Light in place of the video light. This version of the strobe has the same professional grade coverage for photos with an incorporated 205 lumen 9º LED spot light for accurate aiming. The modeling light automatically turns off and on when you take a photo to eliminate the possibility of hotspots in your images.

The new DS230 with Modeling Light is offered at an even more affordable price of $1,295 (US market suggested retail price). 

Ikelite DS230 Strobe with Video Light

The DS230 Strobe with Video Light continues to be delayed until at least Fall 2022. In the meantime, the strobe is available for purchase with an LED modeling light in place of the video COB array.

We are experiencing prolonged delays on the LED circuitry for the DS230 Strobe with Video Light and DS162 Strobe. Our current projection for availability is Fall 2022. This timeline is subject to change and we will continue to keep you updated.

Shortly after the release of the DS230 Strobe with Video Light, we will begin offering upgrades to users who have purchased the DS230 Strobe with Modeling Light. The upgrade is expected to be offered at approximately $200 plus return shipping. This price is subject to change.

Reach out to your local Ikelite dealer to make sure your strobe will arrive in time for the summer diving season!


DS230 Strobe Review from Bluewater Photo Store: 


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