Chomping into the World of Children's Books

Sometimes all you need is a dash of color and a splash of water!

Life at home has been all the hype these days and for the Dive Buddies 4 Life husband and wife team, Joey and Ali Postma, slowing things down and laying low has inspired a new and educational endeavor. Between working remotely, staying in diving shape and planning their next series of Canadian micro-adventures, the couple has aspired to create their very first coloring book entitled Sharks, Turtles & Underwater Things.

A Fun and Educational Way to Learn about the Ocean

For Joey and Ali, the world of scuba diving has been one of their greatest passions. Inspired by the unique animals and their profound experiences below the surface, the duo have crafted a paperback and online coloring book gear towards parents and kids wanting to learn more about the underwater world. 

Dive Buddies 4 Life Coloring Book Ali Postma

The coloring book features 24 detailed coloring pages with high-quality marine life images and animal facts. It's the perfect tool for getting kids into learning about ocean life or as a relaxing pastime for the avid diver. Photo © 2020 Joey and Ali Postma

As strong advocates for ocean literacy, particularly in Canada, their book is now available on their websiteAmazon, and Sharks, Turtles & Underwater Things is a beautiful extension of their work, providing a 28-page showcase of Ali’s underwater photography skills broken down into simple skeletal patters and paired with interesting species-specific information. Each page features the name and sketch of a salt or freshwater animal, their real-life image and a fun educational fact. 

On a hot summers day, this ocean-themed coloring book is a fin-tastic way for kids and adults alike, to dip their toes beneath the water and learn about the weird and wonderful creatures that call this liquid environment home.


Canadian splash Ali and Joey PostmaBrought together by their love for being in the water, Ali and Joey have been proudly sporting a neoprene wetsuit for the better part of a decade. Following their passion, Ali and Joey now live a life less ordinary – working, traveling and of course scuba diving. Through writing and photographing their dive adventures, they hope to help people fall in love with the underwater world, all while instilling knowledge and respect for the animals that live there. In their recent project - Canadian Splash - Ali and Joey will be traveling and diving all over Canada showcasing the beauty, wonder, and fragility hidden beneath the water in their home country.


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