How to Accessorize the Canon Rebel SL3 EOS 250D Underwater System

How to Accessorize the Canon Rebel SL3 EOS 250D Underwater System

The Canon EOS Rebel SL series cameras, particularly the newer EOS 250D Rebel SL3, are absolutely some of our favorites ever for underwater shooting. It is perhaps the smallest and lightest DSLR system underwater, yet is capable of outstanding image quality. The SL3 has a battery life that far exceeds most similarly sized compact mirrorless cameras.

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Adding the right accessories can help you to achieve your full potential. Read on for a full breakdown of what to add to your system and why.


Accessories for Canon Rebel SL3 250D Underwater Ikelite

1 | 200DLM/C Underwater TTL Housing for Canon EOS 250D Rebel SL3

This housing is durable and provides full operation of the camera up to depths of 200 feet (60 meters). Built-in TTL electronics provide the most accurate exposure and are compatible with current model Ikelite DS strobes. The housing includes the Dome Port with Zoom # 5516.15 and a zoom gear for the 18-55mm kit lens. Our housing is fully serviceable, backed by over 50 years experience, and comes with unparalleled access to after-sales advice and support. Housing only. Product # 6970.08

Also available with the Canon EOS Rebel SL3 camera and 18-55mm lens kit. Product # 6970.09

2 | Trigger Extension

Extends the housing's shutter release for comfortable operation when using a right hand quick release handle. Product # 4077.95 

3 | Tray with Dual Quick Release Handles for Compact and Mirrorless Housings

Having a dual tray and handle system makes it easier handle your system, provides better balance when shooting video, and makes two attachment points for adding external lighting.  Product # 9523.64

4 | Cable Top Handle Grip for Housings

This is our favorite way to carry the system around above water when shooting dual strobes. It is lightweight yet sturdy thanks to stainless steel cabling with a comfortable rubber grip. Requires two ball arms, sold separately. Product # 4080.07


Accessories for Canon Rebel SL3 250D Underwater Ikelite

5 | Zoom Gear for Tokina 10-17mm Fisheye Lens

We love shooting a fisheye lens underwater because it allows you to get super sharp wide angle images from as close as inches away from your subject. The Tokina 10-17mm Fisheye is compact and lightweight to travel with, and it works great for over-under and close focus wide angle photography. This zoom gear can be used with the standard Dome Port with Zoom that's included with the housing. There will be some vignetting between 10-12mm. Product # 5515.12

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6 | Extended Flat Port for Canon EF 60mm Macro Lens

The Canon 60mm is a great choice for a cropped sensor camera like the Rebel SL3. It allows you to get close up on small creatures without completely limiting your ability to shoot mid-sized objects. The flat port features a 67mm thread on the front for the attachment of external close-up lenses. Product # 5516.50

7 | Extension for Canon EF 100mm Macro IS USM

If you're looking to shoot some super macro, go with the longer EF 100mm Macro IS USM lens. Simply add this extension to the above Extended Flat Port. Product # 5516.70

Accessories for Canon Rebel SL3 250D Underwater Ikelite

8 | DLM 8" Dome Port

This is our preferred lens port for the Tokina 10-17mm. While it doesn't allow you to zoom, it does provide exceptionally crisp photos and is essential for shooting over-under shots (half-in, half-out of the water). The larger dome gives you better depth of field and more of the image will be in sharp focus than when shooting with the smaller dome. Product # 5516.81

9 | Spare Rear O-Ring

O-rings are what keep your housing waterproof and traveling with a set of spares is essential. You never know when your o-ring may get nicked, stretched, or even lost. This is the o-ring for the back of the housing. Product # 0110

10 | Spare Front O-Ring

This o-ring is used on the port mount on the front of the housing and also on the port extensions. Product # 0132.36

11 | NOVUS Polish Set

The only stuff we trust for use on acrylic optics, this will help to reduce the appearance of fine scratches from the front of your dome port. Product # 6201.31

12 | Vacuum Pump with Gauge

A simple procedure to double-check your assembly of the system. Pull a vacuum on the housing and watch if it holds tight. This is the best way to check for catastrophic leaks prior to entering the water. Product # 47011


Accessories for Canon Rebel SL3 250D Underwater Ikelite

13 | Gamma LED Dive Light

Who knew that a dive light could be described as sexy? Also it's tough as hell and one of the smallest and lightest in its class.  It doesn't hurt that it matches your camera either (also available in black). Product # 1800 Black or # 1803 Red

14 | Compact Ball Arm

A ball socket arm system is the industry standard for professional grade lighting. The articulating ball system provides maximum flexibility and there are endless numbers of arrangements possible. Our arms feature multiple additional mounting locations for a wide angle lens, focus light, or video light. Product # 4080.05 

15 | Wide Angle Ball Arm

True to its name, this is the right choice to get your strobes out where you need them for wide angle and fisheye photography. Product # 4080.06

16 | Single TTL Sync Cord

A lightweight electrical sync cord for the attachment of a compatible Ikelite DS strobe. It can be a good idea to carry a single cord even when shooting dual strobes, for times when you want to pair down your system and shoot macro with a single flash. Product # 45151

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17 | Dual TTL Sync Cord

This sync cord is required when shooting dual Ikelite DS strobes. Product # 45152 

18 | DS51 Strobe

If you're looking for a compact, lightweight strobe, this is it. The DS51 provides perfect automatic exposure when used with the RC1 TTL Receiver and runs on 4 AA batteries. Product # 4044.1

19 | DS161 Strobe

A professional grade strobe with superb light quality thanks to its soft white reflector and circular flash tube. A rechargeable battery pack provides fast performance that can't be matched by AA cells. It attaches quickly and easily with a no-fail toggle lock. The DS161 strobe also features a built-in 500 lumen video light for close-up work. Product # 4061US / 4061EU / 40601K / 4061AU depending on type of charger plug

Our DS160 Strobe has all of the same great features but with a concentrated spot beam focus light in place of the video light. Product # 4060US / 4060EU / 4060UK / 4060AU depending on type of charger plug

Not Pictured | Dome Diffuser for DS161, DS160

Get the absolute widest, smoothest beam possible with the DS161 or DS160 strobe. Product # 4069.2


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