A Deeper Look at the Dry Lock (DL) Lens Port System [VIDEO]

A Deeper Look at the Dry Lock (DL) Lens Port System [VIDEO]

By Ambassador Jacques de Vos

Explore the unique features and advantages of the Dry Lock (DL) port system for DSLR and full-frame Mirrorless digital cameras. Hear from professional photographer/videographer and freediving instructor Jacques de Vos on the system's ease of use, neutral buoyancy, and assembly.





Jacques de VosAmbassador Jacques de Vos started out professionally as an engineer in the oilfield services and diving on his days off. After becoming a scuba instructor and commercial diver, Jacques developed his freediving skills and never looked back. He now shoots both stills and video and has developed the skill set to do all of this without the aid of SCUBA. Jacques has won several prestigious international underwater photography awards, his photography has been published worldwide in several books and publications, and he now also works as a camera operator on projects for companies like the BBC and Red Bull. Read more...



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