2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Underwater Photographers

2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Underwater Photographers

Wondering what to give your favorite underwater photographer this year? Or maybe even  what to put on your wish list? This is the hit list of our favorite gear this year with something to fit every budget.

Olympus FCON-T02 Circular Fisheye

1 | Dome Port Kit with Olympus FCON-T02 Circular Fisheye Lens for Olympus TG-6

The Olympus Tough series is without a doubt the top compact camera underwater this season. It's lauded for its microscope macro mode that can focus super close up on reeeaaallly tiny things. Now the TG-6 is just as powerful in wide angle shooting. The image quality of the FCON-T02 and Dome Port rivals full frame DSLRs and yet its smaller and lighter than any external wide angle lens. MSRP $575 Product # 64362 

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Dome Diffuser for DS160 DS161

2 | Dome Diffuser for DS160, DS161 Strobes 

The DS160 and DS161 are already professional photographers' top choice for their exceptionally smooth and even, wide angle beams. These diffusers simply press on to the fronts of the strobe for extra coverage and softness for both wide angle and macro. MSRP $80 Product # 4069.2 


45 degree magnifying viewfinder

3 | 45 Degree Magnified Viewfinder for DSLR and Mirrorless Housings

It's not entirely obvious why a 45º viewfinder is desirable for underwater shooting. But once you try it, you really can't understand how you lived without one for so long. Like other optics, viewfinders are a great investment because you can carry them with you from model to model when you upgrade cameras. MSRP $950 Product # 6891.2 or 6891.3 

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Pics or It Didn't Happen T-Shirt Diver Shark

4 | Pics or It Didn't Happen T-Shirts

Don't know what kind of camera they shoot? Don't know what gear they already have? All you need is their t-shirt size, and you can probably make a good guess at that. This one's always a crowd favorite when we attend dive shows. MSRP $25 Product # 3110SM / 3110MD / 3110LG / 3110XL / 3110XX 

Canon Rebel SL3 Kit

5 | 200DLM/C Underwater Housing and Canon Rebel SL3 Camera Kit

This is hands down our favorite thing to shoot underwater right now. The combination of size, image quality, lens support, and battery life is simply perfect for dive travel and photography. MSRP $1,945 Product # 6970.09

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Ikelite Gift Card

6 | Gift Card 

For the photographer that has everything, there's always something they're lusting after. Give them the gift of whatever they have their eye on. Available in a physical card to wrap or an instant electronic delivery.


Questions? Still need help deciding? Contact us anytime- we're always happy to help! 

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