Underwater Housings

Ikelite started with the idea to provide the average diver with access to a quality of photography once only available to professionals. Our housings are built to last out of materials that are durable yet lightweight. We provide all the features of an aluminum system at less than half the cost.

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Our top sellers list is not just the most popular but the ones that we think are the best cameras to shoot underwater right now. Have questions? Need help deciding? Reach out to us!

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Accessories for Housings

The right accessories make the difference between a system you take with you and a system that you love to shoot.

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When To Use a Compact 8" Dome Underwater

What exactly is a Compact 8" Dome Port and why is it the answer to several questions you never thought to ask about your interchangeable lens rig?


Full Size Dome

Compact Dome


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We want nothing more than to help you make the right decisions for you and get the best results underwater. We're here for every step along the way from equipment selection to camera settings.

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