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A Shark Named Pickles: Inspiring the Next Generation of Shark Conservationists

A Shark Named Pickles: Inspiring the Next Generation of Shark Conservationists

An interview with author Matt Marchant

Matt "The Shark Guy" Marchant is an author, underwater photographer, and shark conservationist. His latest book A Shark Named Pickles is an illustrated children's book aimed at teaching the newest generation of shark enthusiasts about the importance of keeping our oceans clean.

Learn more about Matt's latest book in his Learn About Shark series and find out where you can buy a copy of A Shark Named Pickles for the young ichthyologist in your life.

pickles the shark by matt marchant

Image © Matt Marchant


A Shark Named Pickles

A Shark Named Pickles is an illustrated children’s book about a Tiger Shark named Pickles who lives at Tiger Beach Bahamas. Pickles gets hungry and ends up eating a bunch of trash and getting a tummy ache. She calls upon her friends to help her and they end up cleaning up the ocean so other animals are not hurt by the trash. It is a fun and silly story for kids that helps teach the dangers of trash in our oceans and its negative effects on wildlife.


Making a Positive Impact

The goal in all my conservation efforts are centered around children. If we can captivate their imaginations and their love of sea animals early, they can help grow conservation efforts through their entire lives! Getting this next generation of shark lovers working to help sharks will do so much for the oceans for the years to come.

I hope people learn that human trash is harming the animals in our oceans. While the book is fun for kids, it helps the young reader understand how important it is that we keep our waste out of the oceans!

matt marchant shark image taken with canon r5 camera inside an ikelite underwater housing

Matt Marchant captures stunning shark images with his Canon R5. Do a deep dive on his shark photo gallery on his website 
Image © Matt Marchant

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

I currently shoot with the Canon R5 and use the Ikelite 200DL. My photos and videos I use in my presentations would not happen without the Ikelite gear. I have taught well over 10,000 kiddos and it has all been made possible by the Ikelite housings. I know when jumping in the water, I can trust Ikelite to protect my camera gear and work perfectly underwater!


Get Your Copy of A Shark Named Pickles

Amazon is the easiest place to order your copy of A Shark Named Pickles.


matt marchant pictured with his ikelite underwater housing

Matt "The Shark Guy" Marchant is a photographer, author, and conservationist. He is a life long shark lover and loves to share his sharky passion with kids! He has traveled the world scuba diving with sharks and works to help save the sharks by teaching about conservation. He has published 2 books about sharks with a focus on helping save the sharks. He lives in Austin Texas with his wife and two awesome kiddos. Visit his website to learn more



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