Featured Customers | Austin Leathers The Art of Commercial Diving

Featured Customers | Austin Leathers The Art of Commercial Diving

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When you think of commercial diving you may think of hard hats and hard work, but Austin Leathers brings artwork to the table in his exploration of "Man in the Sea" a project he hopes to turn into a book soon. It explores the many fascinating elements of work in underwater diving, from freediving to spearfishing, and the often less documented commercial hardhat diving. There's a certain romantic stoicism in his black and white underwater images that encapsulates the grit required of commercial divers. 

"Craving adventure since childhood, Austin joined the military out of high school. His near decade of military experience provided him with the opportunity to travel the globe, experience different cultures, and master his skills as a deep sea diver. It's also when he first picked up a camera to document his travels." austinleathers.com

 Scroll through Austin's images and then check out his B&H Event Space Talk on Black and White Underwater Photography. 

Austin Leathers Navy Boat


Austin Leathers Silhouette


Austin Leathers Underwater Work


Austin Leathers Diver


Austin Leather Diver with Wrench


Austin Leathers Diver Side Profile


Austin Leathers Diver on the Line


Austin Leathers Diver Selfie


Austin Leathers Diver Mask


Austin Leathers Diver Working


B&H Photo Event Space with Austin Leathers

Black and White Underwater Photography with Austin Leathers from B&H Photo on Vimeo



Austin Leathers Profile Photo

Austin Leathers is a veteran Navy diver, commercial diver, and photographer. He's currently working on a project called "Man in the Sea" documenting all sorts of diving from hard hat diving, spear fishing, and freediving just to name a few. He uses the Nikon D500 and sticks mainly to the Tokina 11-16mm lens. Keep up with his "Man in the Sea" project on his website, and check out more of his underwater and topside images on his Instagram @austinleathersphoto.



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