Featured Customers | Esther White Sunbeams and Cenotes

Featured Customers | Esther White Sunbeams and Cenotes

Known as Esther White artistically, Esther Blanco is originally from Spain where she studied graphic design, fashion, and communication in school. But, it was the education she gained traveling that turned her into an underwater photographer. What she loves most about underwater photography is its marriage of all of her favorite things: travel, fashion, art, and nature.


Esther White Summer Day

Amazing summer day scuba diving at the cenote The Pit! The sunbeam in summer makes it so special! © 2022 Esther White


Esther White Cenote Magic

Dancing into the magic! The sunbeams in the cenotes are simply magical! The silence and the beauty you can find there is just indescribable. © 2022 Esther White


Esther White Bullsharks

Bullshark ladies during the winter season in Playa del Carmen Mexico. © 2022 Esther White


Esther White Magic of Cenotes

The magic of the cenotes is that all your dreams can come true! © 2022 Esther White


Esther White Let's Take a Walk

Let's take a walk in the clouds of this amazing cenote! The petrified trees with their branches passing through the hydrogen sulfate cloud mist is simply amazing! © 2022 Esther White


Esther White Insignificant

Feeling so insignificant in the center of the Earth. This cenote blew me away! Natural light is one the best gifts from nature. © 2022 Esther White


Esther White Red Rose

A red rose that looked like a fire flame, lit up in the middle of the crystal clear waters of this magical cenote. © 2022 Esther White


Esther White The Hidden Landscapes

The landscapes that are hidden inside these caverns are a masterpiece of nature. © 2022 Esther White


Esther White The Power of Light

The power of the light that you have inside you reflects in all its splendor. Scuba diving during a summer day into the sumbean of the Cenote The Pit, Riviera Maya. © 2022 Esther White


Esther White Magical Sunbeams

Magical sunbeams that simulate curtains of light in this wonderful cenote. The power of light and shadow in nature is simply magical! © 2022 Esther White


Esther White Dancing in a Dreamy Underwater Garden

Dancing in a dreamy underwater garden. The beauty of the cenotes. © 2022 Esther White


Esther White Profile PhotoEsther White is an underwater photographer currently based out of Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Claiming the cenotes as the "perfect studio" Esther harnesses the magic of the cenotes, their light rays, and their beautiful waters to create uniquely styled photos using a Sony a7 III inside an Ikelite Underwater Housing. Stay up to date with all of Esther's travels and images via her website or Instagram @estherwhite.photography.




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