Featured Customers | Tom Pera Fulfilling a Dream

Featured Customers | Tom Pera Fulfilling a Dream

During his 20 plus years in law enforcement Tom Pera always dreamed of traveling the world one day in hopes of witnessing, and further capturing, the miraculous beauty awaiting under the sea. For the past 10 years, Tom has traveled the tropics and other exotic places, to include Roatan Honduras, Belize, Curacao, the Philippines along with Bonaire. During these adventures, Tom has had the opportunity to film and photograph the awesome wonders of the sea.


Tom Pera Bonaire Lionfish and Divers

Really enjoyed this dive. I was able to spot these lionfish along this reef, while divers were making their ascent into shallower waters. Love how the depth of field is projected within. | Bonaire. © 2022 Tom Pera


Tom Pera Turtle

As I was rounding this ledge, a beautiful Sea Turtle caught my eye, as he was resting within this cove. He allowed me the opportunity to take several photos, while not flinching at my strobes. | Cebu, Philippines © 2022 Tom Pera


Tom Pera Great White 2

Great White Shark, traveling just feet past our place of refuge. These enormous creatures are mesmerizing with each and every encounter. It is truly a privilege to be within their habitat. | Guadalupe © 2022 Tom Pera


Tom Pera Whale Shark

I was very fortunate to be in the right place at the time this beautiful Whale Shark passes by. A local guide is providing "Krill" for their daily consumption. | Oslob, Philippines © 2022 Tom Pera


Tom Pera Seahorse

I came across this Beautiful Sea Horse while diving one of the walls in Roatan, Honduras. I was so very fortunate to have captured this shot of this elusive marine creature. © 2022 Tom Pera


Tom Pera Great White 1

I captured this image while cage diving in Guadalupe. A magnificent Great White approaches our cage. Just prior to this, there were other Great Whites circling within the area. © 2022 Tom Pera


Tom Pera Trunkfish

Came across this hidden gem, attempting to evade my efforts of capturing this image. Was surprised as this beautiful Trunkfish began to swim towards me, almost desiring the opportunity to pose for this depiction. The colors of the tropics always provide the most brilliant backdrop and picturesque scenery. | Bonaire © 2022 Tom Pera


Tom Pera Orange Sponge

At the time this photo was captured, divers were beginning to explore the shallower portions of the reef. This made for a nice affect with a diver off in the corner and the sponge illuminated. | Bonaire © 2022 Tom Pera


Tom Pera Barracuda

While being respectful to this predatory fish, as well as all marine life, I was able to snap a quick shot of this Barracuda, as it was displaying a unique curiosity towards me. | Bonaire © 2022 Tom Pera


Tom Pera Coral Banded Shrimp

Located this pair of Coral Banded Shrimp nestled within the reef. The colors of these creatures "pop" as their bands provide for a colorful contrast, while resting within the reef. | Bonaire © 2022 Tom Pera



Tom Pera Bio Photo

Tom Pera is based out of Ormond Beach, Florida. While he used to be in law enforcement, now he's working his way toward his Divemaster certification. It is his hope to work at a dive resort, share his experiences, and hopefully inspire others to "click" that shutter button. Tom uses the Canon Rebel system and dual strobes. You can follow more of Tom's work on his Facebook page. 





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