Holiday Gift Ideas for the Underwater Photographer 2022 [VIDEO]

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Underwater Photographer 2022 [VIDEO]

Wondering what to give your dive buddy (or yourself) this holiday season? We've got just the thing for every budget and every level of photographer. 

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1 | FCON T02 Fisheye Lens with Dome Port

fcon t02 fisheye lens with dome port ikelite underwater housing

Number one is for all of those Olympus TG-6 shooters out there, and there are a LOT of them. It’s the FCON T02 fisheye lens with dome port. This is so much fun to shoot because it’s compact and lightweight compared to wide angle wet lenses. It also gives you really sharp images and video throughout the entire zoom range. You can shoot everything from over under split shots to macro close up without taking it off. It’s sold as the dome with lens for those who already have a housing, or you can buy the housing with the dome port already installed like you see here.

Get the gear: Dome Port for Olympus FCON-T02 Kit with Fisheye Lens for Olympus TG-6
Learn more: Wide Angle Fisheye to Macro on the Same Dive with the Olympus Tough TG-6


2 | Canon R10 Housing + Camera Kit Bundle

gift guide ikelite underwater systems canon r10 camera and housing bundle

Number two on our list is Ikelite VP John Brigham's favorite system to shoot right now. We're talking about the Canon EOS R10, which is a compact interchangeable lens camera. It’s combination of size and ergonomics make it the most enjoyable system to shoot. Our friend Nirupam at Underwater Photography Guide mentioned that switching to this system cut about 10 pounds out of his luggage AND he had more fun shooting.

If you or someone you know is serious about shooting great stills and video underwater, then this is the system we recommend. It’s available as a bundle with the housing, zoom dome port, R10 camera body, and 18-45mm lens, all for under $2400 with the instant savings promotion that’s only lasting through December.

Get the gear: 200DLM Underwater Housing and Canon EOS R10 Camera Complete Kit
Learn more: New Product Tour


3 | Cable Grip

cable grip gift guide 2022 ikelite underwater systems

If you follow our YouTube channel then you know the Cable Grip is one of Ikelite President Jean Rydberg's must have accessories. It’s lighter and less bulky than rope style top handles. When you use it with our arms then you can take advantage of the unique sliding feature which allows it to act as a shoulder carry strap when you’re walking around with your gear.

Gear the gear: Red Cable Grip for Housings

Learn more: My MUST HAVE Underwater Housing Accessory


4 | Dome Diffuser for Strobes
 ikelite dome diffuser for strobes

We can tell from our growing backorders that a lot of shooters have a pair of the new DS230 strobes at the top of their list this year. They are the ultimate investment for anyone wanting to improve their underwater photography. But for our friends already shooting our DS160 or DS161 strobes, a pair of dome diffusers would be a welcome addition to any gear bag. The dome diffuser gives an even wider and softer beam and will also work for you when you eventually upgrade to the more powerful DS230.

Gear the gear: Dome Diffuser for DS230, DS162, DS161, DS160, DS125 Strobes
Learn more: The Next Generation of Professional Underwater Strobes


5 | Gift Cards

ikelite underwater systems gift card

If you don’t know what to buy or maybe want to put your money into something safer than crypto, we also sell gift cards in either digital form or the classic wallet style. Wrap one up with a set of stickers and you’re all set.

Get the gear: Ikelite Gift Card (Physical Card) OR Ikelite eGift Card (Electronic Delivery)

Tag your gear: Ikelite Logo Sticker Pack (Jaws / Diver / Badge)


6 | Exuma Expedition with Ikelite on the Aqua Cat Liveaboard

ikelite expedition to exumas

Ready for the ultimate gift to you and your dive buddy? How about a winter escape with the Ikelite crew to the Exumas. There are just a few spots left to join us on the Aqua Cat luxury dive liveaboard departing January 28, 2023. We can match up single divers and I promise we’re all friendly!

Get on board: Aqua Cat Liveaboard in Exumas Bahamas | January 28 - February 4, 2023


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