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FL Port Extension for Lenses Up To 2.75 Inches

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This product is out of stock and permanently out of production. Consider upgrading to the DL Port System.

Our shortest FL system Modular Lens Extension for use with compact, super-wide angle lenses. The extension threads onto the base of the Modular 8-inch Dome for simple assembly. Bayonet-style attachment to the housing body. Works with all newer 4-lock housings as well as all older 2-lock housings.

Accommodates lenses up to 2.5-inch (7.0 cm) long and 3.3-inch (8.4 cm) in diameter when used with the Modular 8-inch Dome. Accommodates lenses up to 2.6-inch (6.6 cm) long when used with the Modular Flat Front. The included Anti-Rotation Lock for Modular Extension 5510.11 cannot be used with the Modular Flat Front.


In the Box


Anti-rotation lock # 5510.09

O-ring to housing # 0105

O-ring to front # 0132.41

Silicone lubricant 1cc tube



Instruction Manual