OM Systems Tough TG-7 to Replace Olympus TG-6

OM Systems Tough TG-7 to Replace Olympus TG-6

The Olympus Tough TG-Series cameras have dominated the underwater compact camera market for over a decade now, thanks largely to their small size and waterproof sealing.

We have waited over 4 years for the latest in this line-up, a delay likely exasperated by the pandemic supply chain crunch and the sale of Olympus' camera division and creation of the new OM Digital Solutions brand

How It Compares

There's little to differentiate the TG-7 aesthetically from the TG-6 except slight changes to the front grip, lens ring, and the new OM System branding. In most ways that matter to underwater photographers the camera is practically the same. It has the same 12 megapixel sensor and 25-100mm equivalent lens.  

The biggest difference is the change from a micro-USB charging port to USB-C, which has become standard on most newer cameras and now iPhone. Most other updates are firmware related including interval and time-lapse modes, and a new scene mode geared towards construction sites.

The TG-7 still does not incorporate a manual exposure mode, which limits you to shooting in either an automatic or semi-automatic mode. 

The TG-7 also comes with a new price tag of $549 US. This presents a big decision for shooters investing in a new system, when there are now compact mirrorless cameras with better image quality and more creative control at the same price point. 

Taking it Underwater

All information suggests that the TG-7 will operate in the same housing designed for the prior model TG-5 and TG-6 cameras. OM Systems also indicates that the TG-7 is compatible with the awesome FCON-T02 Fisheye Wide Angle Lens. We expect the TG-7 to fully support TTL strobe exposure using our RC1 TTL Receivers. 

This is a good time to pick up one of the few remaining Olympus TG-6 cameras, which present a savings over the new TG-7 without sacrificing image quality.


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